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Week 9: Video

Wk9: Vlogs

Last week we worked on ePortfolios and this we’re creating a “Hi, it’s me! Welcome to my website!” vlog to put on our “About” or “About Me” pages. Full details on the Vlog Activity Page.


All points through the end of Week 8 are now up on BeachBoard. We’ve had 464 points possible so far and here’s the number you should have now to be on track for each grade level:

418 points = A pace – 103 peeps
371 points = B pace – 18 peeps
325 points = C pace – 6 peeps
279 points = D pace – 7 peeps
278 points = F pace – 9 peeps

Top 10

  1. Diana Martinez – 628
  2. Anna Joy Floresca – 625
  3. Evan Huang – 606
  4. Marlyn Castillo – 594
  5. Allison Wendell – 553
  6. Bowas Yang – 550
  7. Mimi Ly – 548
  8. Celine Phan – 539
  9. Nicole Ilagan – 536
  10. Connor Bailey – 527

screencap of Breanne Lee's website


Lots of nice work last week! Here are a few samples:

screencap of Nicole Ilagan's website

screencap of Antonio Lavermon's website

President Conoley’s blog

screen cap of Allison Wendell's "about me" page

1st Person? Or 3rd Person?

Allison put up a nice “About Me” on her site. She wrote it in 3rd person.

It’s always a question whether to write about yourself in 3rd person or 1st person and people make both choices all the time. For sure it’s YOUR choice!

3rd person does have a certain authorial or definitive quality, but ultimately it feels detached and sometimes a little weird when “I tell you that Glenn is a smart and wonderful person”. In my own opinion, 1st person is stronger. It’s more direct, more connected, and perhaps more honest. It feels more conversational with your reader.

Another question I’ve spent way too much time thinking about is, as an interviewer, if your questions should be phrased “tell us” or “tell me”. Tell us has a nice democratic quality, in that you’re not trying to be Interviewer-God, you’re just the audience member who happens to be asking the questions, so you ask the interesting guest to “tell (all of) us” about something.

In the end though, I think “tell us” has the same disconnected, affected quality. I find “tell me” to be more direct, active, and connected. If your interview is compelling, the audience will be plenty happy to hear the interviewer ask “tell me” of the interesting guest.

Again, I don’t want to press this too hard, since plenty of peeps do prefer to write in 3rd person, but in my judgement, we’re not writing obituaries here! 1st person is more active, connected, and dynamic. It lets YOU talk about YOUR PASSION. And whether you’re trying to be a screenwriter, a fashion merchandiser, a vintage car restorer, an awesome cosplayer, a passionate marine biologist, a rockin band, or anything else, that active and connected communication is almost as important as the thing you do so well. It’s the way you bring people into your world and get them to hire you, play with you, support you, etc. IMHO. 🙂

Wk9: Galleries – Oct 19-23

curated by Bethany King, – Gatov West – TAG: king
Restart expresses the impact of spirituality on art. Featured artists express Jesus’s influence on their lives through mixed media works.

Salon des Refusés
curated by André Stevenson – Gatov East – TAG: stevenson
Based on the 1863 salon of the same name, “Salon des Refusés” (“Exhibition of Rejects”) is an exhibition of rejected or unfavorably criticized work from all School of Art disciplines at CSULB.

Christine Hudson
BFA Ceramics – Merlino Gallery – TAG: hudson
Christine Hudson presents an interactive installation of numerous handmade porcelain teeth in her BFA exhibition.

Heather Hassenbein
BFA Ceramics – Dutzi Gallery – TAG: hassenbein
Heather Hassenbein’s BFA exhibition features wall-mounted works that reflect natural and abstract themes.

Sculpture Program Group Exhibition
Werby Gallery – TAG: csulbsculpture
The Sculpture Program Group Exhibition is self-organized and features artwork by the BFA Sculpture program.

screencap of the tag search for "davis"


Hi guys, I want to remind you to be sure to use the Artist Tag on your post each week. That tag is the ONLY WAY we can really say “thank you” to your peers, the CSULB Student Artists who came in early to open just for us, and also for their months of work preparing their exhibition. A LOT of you are missing Artist Tags and it’s really not fair to the artists.

Last week we had 3 shows. In Gatov West, Gatov East, and Werby was the CSULB SOA “Advancement Show.” In Dutzi was a printmaking exchange show. And our one Solo Artist Show last week was Brian Davis in Merlino.

Advancement tag: csulbmfa – 34 tagged posts
Printmaking tag: csulbprintmaking – 16 tagged posts
Brian Davis tag: davis – 7 tagged posts

Thank You! To the 57 of you who tagged your artists! Unfortunately that means 86 of you did not tag an artist for week 8. PLEASE DO IT THIS WEEK!


In the arts, like Fine Art or Dance or Theatre for example, there isn’t the “academic” degree of “PhD.” Instead the “terminal degree” (highest you can go) is the MFA (master of fine arts). So artists can get a BA or BFA and then just as some history or philosophy majors get an MA and then a PhD, while others just go straight to the PhD, artists can get an MA and then an MFA, or just go straight to the MFA. When you’re in an MFA program, maybe halfway through, you have to “Advance to Candidacy”. “Advancing” means that the School is approving what you’ve done and where you’re headed and you can now work on completing your thesis. Again, in “academic” disciplines your thesis is typically a long written work, but in the arts it is typically a thesis Art Exhibition, Dance Concert, etc.

When we see an “MFA Show” or “BFA Show” in the galleries, that exhibition is the presentation of the student’s graduate or undergraduate thesis to the university and wider community. As you’ve seen, the galleries also have “Group” shows, like Photography Club or Printmaking Exchange. And there are also “non-degree shows,” by both grad students and undergrads. A “non-degree show” is just a way of saying that it isn’t their “Thesis Exhibition,” instead it is some work or some progress toward a thesis exhibition that they’d like to show.


Asian Cultural Council – Individual Grants
The Asian Cultural Council (ACC) provides funding for artists and scholars who seek to grow in their craft or field to conduct research and study, receive specialized training, undertake observation tours, or pursue non-commercial creative activity in the United States or among the countries of Asia.
Deadline: 11/01/2014

chest length photo of Sugar Land, Texas fashion model Brittany Binder in a white corset
No, Art110’s “Brittany Binder” is not the fashion model from Sugar Land, TX, but she’s the only “Brittany Binder” I could find a photo of. So here’s the wrong “Brittany Binder,” and I’ll try to have a photo of the right one for next week.


Brittany Binder is going to join me in looking at your collective 429 posts each week! Brittany is a 2nd year graduate in the CSULB SOA Art History program. She’s actually working on TWO degrees, or to be more precise a degree and a “certificate.” She’s working on an MA in Mexican-American Art History and also a Certificate in Museum Studies. I’m not sure if her schedule will allow it, but perhaps she can come say “Hi” in UT-108 on a Tuesday, or spend a few minutes with us at the SOA Galleries on a Thursday. As you might know, in addition to all the Art Galleries at the SOA, there is also the “University Art Museum” (UAM) down on the other end of campus by the Horn Center & the Business Department. Brittany is working on a show that will open at the UAM later this semester. Perhaps we can arrange an opportunity for you to go down, see the show, have a conversation with Brittany, and blog about it for extra credit.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to let you know that Brittany is joining us and I’ll take the liberty of saying on behalf of all of you, Welcome Brittany!


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  1. Angelica Camacho Avatar
    Angelica Camacho

    Hi Glenn I’m sure I’m missing something here but just wondering what is the tag for the forms in la exhibition by Cynthia and Jesse? I definitely want to give credit where credit is due!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      thanks Angelica, they made some last minute changes! Unfortunately I don’t have their last names – our usual format – so for this week let’s tag them:


      Thanks for asking!

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