Wk7: Painting

Wk7: Painting

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

Painting Week!

Yes, it’s Painting Week in Art110! Read all about it where? On the Painting Activity page of course!


With 6 weeks up on BeachBoard the total possible is now 348 points. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level:

A pace = 313 points – 100 peeps
B pace = 278 points – 20 peeps
C pace = 244 points – 6 peeps
D pace = 210 points – 4 peeps
F pace = 209 points – 13 peeps

Screen cap of French Girls app: on the left is a selfie of Glenn Zucman & Diana Martinez. On the right is an illustration of a sleeping kitten with the text "Doesn't look like anyone is going to draw this selfie."
Poor Diana Martinez! 447 points & she still can’t get no respect from those French Girls!

Top 10

  1. Diana Martinez – 447
  2. Anna Joy Floresca – 439
  3. Marlyn Castillo – 437
  4. Evan Huang – 432
  5. Nicole Ilagan – 412
  6. Connor Bailey – 411
  7. Quynh Ong – 395
  8. Mimi Ly – 395
  9. Chris Soerachmat – 392
  10. Allison Wendell – 392

Super French Girls & Guys!

With apologies to all our Android students, it does seem like many of you had a lot of fun with the French Girls mobile app. I know it doesn’t help US this semester, but none other than Scotch Mornington himself says they’re working on an Android version, so for Spring semester, it should be available to everyone. Meanwhile, here’s a few cool posts:

SOA Galleries Oct 5-9

Nicholas Gaby – Sculpture – Gatov West Gallery

Nicholas Gaby explores value and space in relationship to collecting and organizing in a sculptural installation.
WP.com tag: gaby

Kenita Hale – BFA Sculpture – Gatov East Gallery

Kenita Hale’s BFA exhibition features sculptural works that reference famous historical circus performers and human objectification within the context of a hand-made circus tent.
WP.com tag: hale

Colette Brown – Sculpture – Merlino Gallery

Colette Brown’s olfactory sculptures measure the lifespan of particular fluids including plain yogurt, balsamic vinegar, beet juice, vegetable oil, and coffee.
WP.com tag: brown

Yee Li &Marguerite Freed – Drawing & Painting – Dutzi Gallery

Yee Li and Marguerite Freed present oil on canvas and mixed media works thematically concerned with feelings of anxiety and insecurity.
WP.com tag: lifreed

Daniel Rivera & Vanessa Gamboa – Drawing & Painting – Werby Gallery

Daniel Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa collaborate in a performance depicting relationship tensions. Their performance will take place on October 15th with documentation of this performance on display throughout the week.
WP.com tag: riveragamboa

Late Night Long Beach – Pilot Episode

College Beat‘s new show Late Night Long Beach premiered this week! Nicole Ilagan from Art110 is the Executive Producer, and Quynh Ong from Art110 also worked on the Pilot. Congratulations Nicole & Quynh!

Starship One – Sizzle Reel

Meanwhile, Stephen Boyer just shot the Sizzle Reel for his upcoming short film Starship One. He’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project later this month.

Stephen Boyer wearing headphones and Ian Daniel Raymond holding a camera.
Stephen Boyer & Ian Daniel Raymond on the set of Starship One

The Whiskey

Rumor has it there was a cool concert there on Sunday. Apparently Art110 peeps even went. But I didn’t see a thing about it in anyone’s blog! 🙁

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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