Wk4: Sculpture Experience

Wk4: Sculpture Experience

Anna Joy Floresca

KS for SFSH (Art 110/Wk 3 Activity) from Anna Joy on Vimeo.

Kickstarter Videos

A lot of great project pitches from so many of you! Here are a few on this page. One small but important detail that a lot of you overlooked is that on group projects you didn’t list your partners full names and give links to their websites. I can’t stress how important this is on so many levels. Please be sure to check these “small” details!

Points on BeachBoard

Your points through Wk 3 are now on BeachBoard. Please be sure to check yours! We’ve had 174 points possible so far. If you have 157 or better, you’re on “A” pace. If you have 103 or less, you’re on “F” pace. Here’s the breakdown so far:

157 points – A – 99 peeps
139 points – B – 23 peeps
122 points – C – 7 peeps
104 points – D – 3 peeps
103 points – F – 11 peeps

14 peeps have a perfect 174 points! And 60 peeps have more than 174! Great job almost everyone! But if you are at the bottom end of the scale, now’s the time to take action. Need help? Ask me! Need to get serious? Just do it! Need to drop? This week is better than next week!

headshot of Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez

Top 10

  1. Diana Martinez – 255
  2. Marlyn Castillo – 249
  3. Evan Huang – 247
  4. Connor Bailey – 239
  5. Anna Joy Floresca – 238
  6. Nicole Ilagan – 236
  7. Rachel Price – 222
  8. Mimi Ly – 215
  9. Dominic Erich – 210
  10. Christopher Soerachmat – 210

Connor Bailey

“Couch Potato” – Indiegogo Promo from Studio J on Vimeo.

The pitch video for our short film's crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Quynh Ong

Lyna Salameh

Lia Alessandra Giordano

Kim Tang

Jonathan Garcia

Diana Martinez, Conny Ramirez & Allison Wendell

Kickstarter – Golden State Of Mind from diana martinez on Vimeo.

Plaster Casting

Welcome to Week 4 and our Sculpture Experience. In Wk1 we made websites. In Wk2 we played with Instagram. In Wk 3 Kickstarter. It’s already Wk4, and we go to a school called The Beach, and as you might have noticed, it’s a million degrees outside, so it seems like time we should have a project to go to the Actual Beach! Here it is!

3 CSULB students holding up plaster casts made of their hand or foot

Full Details on the Art110 Plaster Casting Page!

PS: It seems like a lot of you are not reading the weekly Activity pages. The have all the details on the project & your blog post. Be sure to visit them! 🙂

Christopher Soerachmat

Marlene Gonzalez

Maeghan McBee

Antonio Lavermon

KickStarter Vid from Antonio Lavermon on Vimeo.

Anthony Diaz & Andrew Aragon

Corinne Sampson & Jack Taylor

Amir Kiani

Adriana Macias

Kickstarter Film Festival @Griffith Park

The Effect of KSFF LA 2014 on My Dad from Anna Joy on Vimeo.

photos of CSULB students
Michelle Morte, Jack Taylor, Diana Martinez

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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