Wk12: Teach One

Wk12: Teach One

Connor Bailey & Dominic Erich

Let It All Go- Dominic Erich from Connor Bailey on Vimeo.

Activity: Your Turn

We’ve been saying a bit about this last activity in class for a few weeks now, so hopefully you’ve started thinking a little about it. The best way to learn anything is to teach it to someone else. After doing activities for the past 11 weeks, now it’s your turn to teach! Full details on the Teach One activity page!

I give a bunch of examples of Art Ideas and Art Techniques that you could teach on that page. And remember, it’d also be really cool if you taught something about one of the SOA artists you really liked from the galleries this semester.

EC: Post #4

As I’m sure you know, this week, week 12, is our last week of Activities and our last week of 3 posts. Starting next week you’ll still have 2 conversation posts due, but that’s it, just 2 posts a week for the last3 weeks. So since it’s the last week of 3 posts, why don’t you do 4 posts!?

Extra Credit: Activity Feedback!
Now that you’ve done, or will have done, all 12 activities, I’d really like to get your feedback on them. If you’d be willing to do a 4th post this week, Week 12 – Activity Feedback and tell me:

  • Your 3 favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
  • Your 3 least favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
  • Any other feedback on the class – fun? boring? easy? hard? relevant? irrelevant? useful? useless? etc
  • What could make the class better?

I’ll be grateful for your feedback, you’ll help design a better class for next semester, and I’ll give you 12 points of EC for the extra post.

photo of a small scaffold
Scaffold Thingy, SOA Gallery Courtyard

Jack & Corinne!

OMG how awesome is this! You know that scaffoldy thing in the SOA Gallery Courtyard? Jack & Corinne have volunteered to do a dance piece on or around it for us next Thursday, Nov 20, at 11:30am! And they need your help too! They might be able to use a few more cast members. If you have dance experience that’d be cool, but they might be able to work with a few “pedestrian” movers or extras also.

And documentation of course. Photography. Video. Maybe a writer? Illustrator? Zineographer? Oh, and probably some audio too. (talk to me about volume level!)

Not only can you help them create this awesome piece, but you can even get paid for participating! I’ve given Jack & Corinne a “budget” of 200 points for their production. They can “pay” themselves, and anyone they take on to participate out of that. After the performance they’ll give me a list of how they’d like the 200 points distributed.

Interested? Chat them up!


All points through Week 11 are now up on BeachBoard. We’ve had 638 points posted so far, and here’s what you should have to be on track for each grade level:

574 points = A pace = 98 peeps
510 points = B pace = 18 peeps
446 points = C pace = 10 peeps
382 points = D pace = 8 peeps
381 points = F pace = 7 peeps

In spite of the enormous number of “A’s”, the class GPA is “only” 3.3 – those D’s & F’s can really drag the GPA down. BTW the A’s, B’s & C’s are almost identical to last week, but unfortunately 3 peeps have slid from D pace to F pace this week. It’s really the home stretch now and I urge you to turn work in and maintain or improve your grade. For a few of you with extremely low points it’s probably too late now. If the SOA will still let you, you might be better served by dropping at this point. For all of you at the top of the grading alphabet – congratulations! Awesome work!

Top 10

Project 757: A Modern Haiku Adventure from Anna Joy on Vimeo.

Everyone who’s doing their best in Art110 is a “superstar,” but in terms of points, it seems fair to say that Anna & Diana are our “points superstars.” Last week our superstars both made very personal videos that expressed a range of feelings. They were both complex, but you might say that Anna’s tended a bit more to the light, and Diana’s tended a bit more toward darkness. And hmm… aren’t those the colors they each mostly wear?

PARADOXICAL SENTIMENTS from Diana Martinez on Vimeo.

  1. Anna Joy Floresca – 827
  2. Diana Martinez – 822
  3. Evan Huang – 795
  4. Marlyn Castillo – 774
  5. Allison Wendell – 736
  6. Bowas Yang – 726
  7. Celine Phan – 716
  8. Nicole Ilagan – 715
  9. Antonio Lavermon – 706
  10. Connor Bailey – 698

Being Generous?

Some of you were kind of nervous about asking classmates or artists for conversations the first week or two. A few of you might still be, but I think after all these weeks many of you have gotten past that initial fear. The great thing about asking classmates to have a conversation is that everyone’s in the same boat – they already know what your needs are, and they also have that need themselves – so I think we’re pretty sympathetic to each other. The artists too, know you’re coming and actually they really look forward to conversations with you. So the good news is, it’s mostly easy to startup these conversations.

But I’ve also heard that some of you are less generous with your classmates. Maybe you already did a conversation and someone else wants to talk to you. It’s already 11:30, and really, how much time are you supposed to put in on one class!

Oh, wait, this isn’t even “homework,” it’s class time! When-how-why did leaving class at least 30 – 45 minutes before it’s over become a requirement? Here’s the crazy thing: you are paying a lot of money to be there… I’m not paying anything, I’m getting paid to be there. So, shouldn’t it me me who wants to leave and you who wants to get every minute of you’re money’s worth?

Of course I know life is busy and the demands on your time are many, but with a courtyard filled with artists, art, and 100+ classmates, it should be a really engaging place. And it is, BTW! This isn’t meant to be a big rant, just a small request to remember to be generous with your classmates. You don’t have to talk for half hour, but give them 10 real minutes. Be there. Be invested in the conversation. Look at some of the art together and discuss is. And if this is your 2nd or 3rd classmate conversation of the day – lucky you! – you get to have a richer CSULB experience with your peers. You can get facts from online courses and online resources, but you can only meet the people you’ll share the future of California and the world with by showing up and being engaged.

Thanks for your generosity to each other everyone!

Minyon Spencer & Shannon Choi

Whisper Challenge from minyon spencer on Vimeo.

Conny Ramirez

Galleries This Week

Timothy Cooper, BFA Ceramics – Gatov West
Timothy Cooper presents large-scale slip cast ceramic objects juxtaposed with multiple cast concrete objects in his BFA exhibition.

Michelle Thompkins, MFA Illustration – Gatov East
Michelle Thompkins’s MFA exhibition features a progression of images that express the evolution of one girl’s perceptions of the world throughout the course of a day.

Kiyomi Fukui, Printmaking – Merlino Gallery
Kiyomi Fukui exhibits an installation depicting the process of decomposition in the greater life cycle.

Lacy McCune & Angie Samblotte, Illustration – Dutzi Gallery
Lacy McCune and Angie Samblotte display drawings informed by subtle visual events of everyday routines as well as the undeniable significance of banality.

Cynthia Herrera, MFA Photography – Werby Gallery
Cynthia Herrera’s MFA exhibition features a sculptural installation and archived media from a project that had engaged the community of Riverside, CA.

Gallery Tags

I know I keep bugging you guys to tag your artists. It’s really important. It’s the only way we have to thank them for sharing months and years of their work with us. PLEASE TAG YOUR ARTIST POSTS!!!

I also know it can be a little confusing keeping track of which tag to use, so starting this week, Wk12, and for the rest of the semester let’s try a new tagging scheme for your artist conversations. Instead of tagging a different artist each week, let’s just tag the gallery it was in. This way you can already know the 6 tags to cover all the work you’ll look at:

Talk To The Artists!

Some of you are not bothering to have a conversation with the artist. It’s true we have had a lot of group shows and shows where the artist is unfortunately not there this semester. But I’m also seeing posts where you didn’t talk to the artist even though s/he was sitting right there. Seeing the art is great, but I’ve asked you to take advantage of this special opportunity and have a conversation with the artist. These artists are mostly about your age, live in your city, and go to your school – it’s a priceless chance to learn about the many ways your peers are perceiving your world. TALK TO THE ARTISTS!

Yesenia Chavez

Evan Huang

Evan Huang and crew on a photo shoot in the mountains

Corinne Sampson

pink goblet and small pieces of blue and yellow glass on a large grey slab

Tony Lavermon

Sims 2 Demo – My Body, Your Body from Antonio Lavermon on Vimeo.

Steven Lozano

Steven Lozano preparing a silkscreen stencil

David Aceves

5 segments of a 3D printed Eiffel Tower

Connor Bailey & Dominic Erich walking down a trail
Connor & Dominic

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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