Runaway University

Runaway University is an alternative, unaccredited, international university operated out of my home.

Runaway University Los Angeles (RULA) opened its doors on 26 August 2015 with the arrival of 4 students from Budapest: Eszter Collognáth, Dénes Lengyel, Ákos Juhász & Csenge Pomázi. Since then over 200 students from 64 countries have visited RULA.

Students don’t stay at RULA for 4 years, and their handful of days here are only a small piece of their college-age quest for knowledge. Nonetheless, RULA has been a laboratory for understanding that a different college experience is possible. A bottom-up college experience where motivated students pursue knowledge, instead of a top-down experience where faculty preach to lethargic supplicants, trust us, you’ll need this someday.

I spoke about RULA and these ideas in my TEDxCSULB talk, Burn the University Catalog: lessons from alternative education:

13 people posed in front of a large world map
Students from Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Netherlands, & Belarus in the RULA Map Room.