I was the photographer for the Free School of Architecture (FSA) for their 2018 session. FSA operated out of Woodbury University Hollywood (WUHO).

Click on any image below. Each of the photos below links to a photo story for that day’s FSA projects.

Saturday, 30 June: Free School of Architecture
The Instagramification of Architecture
Thursday, 5 July: The Instagramification of Architecture
Saturday, 7 July: Architecture of Four Economies
Thursday 12 July: LA Forum Reader launch party
Friday, 13 July: Kiwis wearing Aussie Cork Hats (& other adventures in LA’s Arts District)
Saturday, 14 July: Free School of Architecture has a (nother) Party
Wednesday, 18 July: On an Ordinary Wednesday
Saturday, 21 July: Los Angeles Eco-Village
Wednesday, 25 July: Another Wednesday (the last one, actually)
Friday, 27 July: FSA: Big Finish!