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  • Happy Trails!

    Happy Trails!

    We’ve come to the end of our 12-week summer Art110! I’ve tallied your Up & Down votes for our activities and worked on some ideas for a better course. You’ll never guess who wound up being the #1 student this summer. And finally a farewell message. It’s been a great…

  • Landscapes with a Corpse

    Landscapes with a Corpse

    You guys seemed to have a lot of fun with Landscapes with a Corpse. It seems like even the few of you who weren’t so excited about the idea wound up having fun once you got into it. Here’s a few of your “landscapes.”

  • Your CFID Activities

    Your CFID Activities

    Wonderful Counterfactual Identity projects you guys! It’s interesting, a bunch of you were so excited to do this activity… and… a bunch of you were so dreading doing this activity! But I have to say that the peeps who were excited and the peeps who were dreading both wound up…