frame from an Emma Chamberlain YouTube video showing her holding a cup of iced coffee and grimacing


Vlogging USA!

This week we get authentic! Point your phone or camera at yourself and talk about something.

Don’t Worry!

Just like speech class, this is something that can be stressful for many of us. And just like speech class, if you get a bit better at it, you’ve gained a powerful skill. Imagine going on a job interview and not making eye contact with your interviewer, but looking at the ground instead because you’re nervous and embarrassed. Many of us feel this way. It’s intimidating. But if you can give someone a confident handshake, and make comfortable eye contact with them as you talk about yourself, you’ve gone a long way to forging a real relationship with this person.

Tips 4 Awesome Vlogs

The biggest tip is:

Have a clear outline of what you want to say and keep it short! Practice a couple of times. Record a couple of times. Do not just start talking, record it once, and consider it done!

Beyond that, if you happen to have camera stuff, that’s great. Your phone or laptop is fine. No worries. A camera is better. If you’ve got an external microphone and/or a tripod, super awesome. If you do hand-hold your phone/camera, remember that too much jerky movement will make your audience puke! Be chill with your camera!

Post Your Video

  • You don’t upload your video to WordPress!
  • You do upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Then you embed your video in WP!

Questions 4 Your Blog Post

  1. What was your goal with your video?
  2. Did you accomplish your goal? Why? Or why not?
  3. What would you do differently next time?
  4. Do you think you’ll ever vlog again?
  5. Who is your favorite YouTuber? (not counting heyit’smay, Emma Chamberlain, Natalie Tran, or any of the YouTubers on this page)
  6. What about their work appeals to you?
  7. What lessons can you take from their work to apply to your own vlogging?
  8. What is Authenticity?
  9. What is Performance?
  10. Are Authenticity and Performance opposites? Or can they exist together? Explain!
  11. Below are 2 clips of Jennifer Aniston on the Jimmy Kimmel show – one in the studio and one from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Do you think either clip is more authentic? Is either more performative? Why or why not?
Jennifer Aniston in the studio with Jimmy Kimmel, October 2019
Jennifer Aniston in home isolation with Jimmy Kimmel, April 2020

More Inspiring Videos!

frame from an Emma Chamberlain YouTube video showing her holding a cup of iced coffee and grimacing
Vlogger Emma Chamberlain