Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a touchstone. If you stand there for a few minutes you will see one person express deep contempt for our 45th president, and 21 seconds later another will express love.

A woman in red discussing the Persian Gulf with a Donald Trump impersonator on Hollywood Blvd


When President Trump refused to call The Persian Gulf, “The Persian Gulf,” instead referring to it as The Arabian Gulf, Los Angeles residents of Iranian descent came out to the Trump Star to protest for #persianGulfRespect. At the star, they ran into a Hollywood actor who performed as a Donald Trump impersonator. Since they had no opportunity to protest the insult with the “real” President, they took the opportunity to lodge their protest with the Trump impersonator.

When a woman came to take a “thumbs up” selfie with the Trump Star, and found the star dirty and abused, like Mierle Laderman Ukeles before her, and Mary of Bethany before her, she got on her knees and cleaned.

A woman cleaning the Donald Trump Star on Hollywood Blvd.