Venice Glow Flow, 8:37pm

A guy in the park at Venice Beach juggling illuminated clubs at the "blue hour"


Venice Glow Flow!

Very friendly and talented peeps. Every Wednesday. I’ll have to come back with a flash sometime so I can light the person with that and then use a long exposure to let the LED and other lights drag out patterns. These were all shot at 1/40th of a second, which allows for a small bit of light tracing, yet still makes it possible to have sharp faces.

a woman juggling in the park at the blue hour. Venice Beach, CA. with the group Venice Glow Flow


Photos of the Venice Glow Flow group in Venice Beach, California. A cloudy sky over the Pacific Ocean in the "blue hour" after sunset. A woman works with an LED hoop.


A juggler with an LED hoop working out in Venice Beach at the "blue hour" after sunset. Her face is illuminated by her LED hoop and there is a cloud-filled sky behind her. The group is called Venice Glow Flow.


Three people examine a new "LED Umbrella" that one of them has made. He's taken a regular umbrella, removed the fabric, reinforced the armature, and then strung sequencing LEDs along the armature. One person twirls the umbrella as the other 2 look on. Venice Beach, California with the Venice Glow Flow group half hour after sunset in "blue hour" lighting and with a cloudy sky over the ocean behind them.


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