#ascensionquilt (Jason “Hawke” Hamilton & Teresa Coates) 4:57pm

Jason "Hawke" Hamilton and Teresa Coates standing in front of their Ascension Quilt in Hamilton's loft at the Brewery Arts Colony in Downtown Los Angeles


When Jason “Hawke” Hamilton built his bedroom loft in his space at The Brewery Artist’s Colony, he wanted a special headboard. He decided on no physical headboard at all, but instead to have a painted headboard on the wall. The result was a combination of angel wings and other elements from sacred geometry.

Then Hamilton collaborated with quilter and educator Teresa Coates on their Ascension Quilt, based on the headboard. The materials included a pair of Hawke’s old jeans that Coates had patched one too many times for him. Today at The Brewery you can see both pieces. Coates will soon take the quilt on the road and in the future, you’ll only be able to see one or the other at any given location.

Jason "Hawke" Hamilton lying on his bed in the upstairs loft of his  studio at the Brewery Arts Colony in Downtown Los Angeles. Behind him, as a sort of painted headboard, is a large pair of angel wings on the wall. Hamilton smiles and spreads his arms to fill the wings.


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