Gabby, Edward & Kona, 2:55 pm

Gabby, Edward & Kona posing on the Venice Boardwalk in Venice Beach, California

Gabby, Edward & Kona, 2:55:52 pm

Name: Gabby Tedders

IG: @gabbytedders

What do you do? Social Media Influencer

Where do you live? Simi Valley

What do you think of LA? I love it! So much fun!

How do you choose what to wear? Whatever mood I’m in, or what feels comfortable.

What are you wearing? An ANGL crop top, skirt from Forever 21, and knee high socks

What’s your style? Contemporary or trendy

Favorite word or expression: Everything

Name: Edward

IG: @edward.hurley

What do you do? Finance

Visiting Los Angeles? Or live here? Near here

Where do you live? Ventura County

What do you think of LA? Love the people and culture

How do you choose what to wear? Depending on the weather

What are you wearing? shorts & shirt

What’s your style? My girlfriend dresses me

Favorite word or expression: Obsessed

Name: Kona

I’m thirsty!

I’m not sure, but I also think she said,

This is boring!

Gabby, Edward & Kona on the Venice Boardwalk

Gabby, Edward & Kona, 2:55:55 pm

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