Elaine & Jamie, 6:11 pm

Elaine & Jamie standing near the bike path between Santa Monica & Venice

6:11 pm

Elaine is from Philly. Jamie is from LA. They met when they both attended Penn State.

Jamie’s getting married! Elaine flew out to join in a little bridal shopping. Jamie bought a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. You know, the ones with the red soles. She says they are the most expensive pair of shoes she will ever own!

Name: Elaine
What do you do? Pattern Making
Visiting Los Angeles? Or live here? Visiting
Where do you live? Philly, USA
What do you think of LA? I have many opinions: the beach is beautiful. The traffic has been good for us this weekend, but I hear it sucks. The weather is great, but I don’t know if I can live here.
How do you choose what to wear? Comfort! And price.
What are you wearing? My sister’s tie-dye shirt, $5 leggings
What’s your style? Comfort first!
Favorite word or expression: The adventure begins!

Name: Jamie
IG: @jamescantus
What do you do? Researcher
Visiting Los Angeles? Or live here? Live here
Where do you live? Highland Park
What do you think of LA? I love home
How do you choose what to wear? Comfort is important, versatility is a close second
What are you wearing? VS exercise leggings and a Lace top.
What’s your style? I’m almost always in leggings.

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