OMG there’s a bathroom at Union Station with a mirror!?!? 8:08pm

Photo of me, taking a selfie in the men's room in the "historic ticketing hall" at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

OMG there’s a bathroom at Union Station with a mirror!?

Union Station’s “Historic Ticketing Hall” is usually closed. No entry. From time to time there’s a private party, closed to the public. Tonight, however, the Ticketing Hall is open.

Join Metro Art Los Angeles for an evening of immersive, spatial electronic music from Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes), local underground mainstay John Tejada (Kompakt) and Tottie (Dublab) in collaboration with Decibel Festival.

What was also open, sort of, was the Women’s & Men’s restrooms at the back of the Ticketing Hall.

  • Big Surprise: there’s an actual mirror in the Men’s room! Also, they’re clean, and, you know, not disgusting.
  • No Surprise: I was thrown out. As soon as I managed to snap this selfie, a security guy was informing me that,

You can’t pee at Union Station without a wristband.

That’s the most succinct way I’ve heard the inhospitable and inhumane goals of Union Station described. No place to pee. No place to sit. And roughly 25% of the times I visit Union Station I will see 2 White Police Officers arresting a Black, Male, Citizen.

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