Medici University

I assisted Isabella Medici’s Twitter Resurrection on 17 January 2014. The seeds of Medici University, an alternative, unaccredited, virtual university for avatars, began from there.

On 14 February ’14, Izzy enrolled in the History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education with Cathy N. Davidson. This course provided an excellent opportunity to rethink the problems with contemporary education.

A year later, on 12 January ’15, the gates of Medici University opened for the first time. Built on 6.5 hectares of virtual land, the university skipped classroom buildings in favor of about 100 individual studios where students pursued projects of their own design.

an aerial view of the 6.5 hectare virtual campus
Medici University campus
map of student studio spaces
MU Campus Map
avatars sitting in a circle
faculty office hours at MU
avatars in conversation in a studio
MU Art Critique
avatars in a circle around a large video monitor
Students gathered to watch a live stream of the HASTAC Education Conference
selenium-toned photo of 3 avatars in conversation at a coffee shop
The launch of “MU Creativity” magazine
avatars gathered in a plaza and listening to a visiting artist talk
Visiting Artist Talk

I spoke about Medici University at TEDxCSULB:

Medici University logo graphic