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Wk 10: Portrait Photography

In our 2nd week of Identity Art we try Portrait Photography of our own demise. Meanwhile our Art talk on Free Culture and our Artist OTW Aaron Swartz both ask us to think about creativity here in the “Internet Century,” and if the old folkways, mores, norms, and laws of the previous “Mass Media Century” are still relevant.

Wk 7: Rapid Prototype

This week we imagine design in our world, like the Ford Mustang, Apple iPhone, or Alexander McQueen fashions. We imagine alternate reality like the art of Nikki S. Lee, the walks of Janet Cardiff, or Bruce Branit’s “World Builder.” We stretch our imaginations to create new designs. We ask, in a world of so many possibilities, what is real? We ask if our attitudes and opinions about beauty can effect the way we perceive people and things. Can my attitudes effect the quality of your life?