Summer ’15 Roster

Summer ’15 Roster


        1. The “short term” use of these websites is to “turn in your homework”, but the longer term value is to make personal websites, ePortfolios, etc, for career, hobby, whatever you’re excited about.

          In your case, you’ve already got a fantastic website! But as long as you’re here working on it, it might be useful to think about a Fashion Merchandising site, if that’s a career you intend to pursue. Your photography site is excellent.

          WordPress currently powers about 24% of all websites! Many of them look ugly! Many of them look fantastic! Later in the summer when you’ve had time to play with it for a while, it’ll be interesting to see what your thoughts about WP vs Square are.

    1. Great Caitlin! Welcome to the class! Excited to have you be a part of our summer adventures. I hope you can use your website both to show your work, and also to present some of your activities toward your teaching credential. Maybe photos of Art Ed experiences or projects, “recipes” for activities, etc.

    1. Welcome Becca! You’re in Fresno this summer? When I was a kid my cousins moved there and we’d visit once a year.

      We have a “Plaster Casting at the Beach” activity in week 2, and a Museum visit in Week 8.

      For the plaster casting, it looks like you’re pretty far from any beaches (although the coastal beaches by you are all some of my favorite places! (I used to live in Shell Beach (Pismo Beach) and work at Hancock College in Santa Maria))

      You don’t necessarily have to do the plaster casting at a beach, you could maybe find a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with sand.

      For the Museum Visit, you could go to the Fresno Art Museum, or if you’ll be doing any travelling, you might like to visit one in any cities you’re off to.

      LMK if you have any questions or need any help with anything.

      1. Rebecca VanDeVelde

        Week 8 actually lands in the time I will be in Detroit which is where my favorite place as a child is, the Henry Ford Museum! This museum is also accompanied by the Greenfield Village and is full of so many amazing exhibits that even as a child I couldn’t get enough of. This museum is in competition with the Smithsonian. I can’t wait to visit again and share my experience there!

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