Dear Spring ’15 Exhibiting Artists

Dear Spring ’15 Exhibiting Artists

Dear CSULB School of Art, Student Artists, exhibiting in Spring Semester 2015,

First and foremost, congratulations! I’m so excited to come see what you’ve been working on. Bravo for getting the work done and sharing it with the SOA community and beyond!

students in conversation
Students interacting at the CSULB, School of Art, Gallery Complex.


I’m Glenn Zucman, adjunct faculty here at the SOA. The SOA galleries have become a big part of our Art110 – Introduction to the Visual Arts course. In the past I spent most of the course time giving, hopefully, compelling lectures. For an intro course like this I’ve come to believe that “The Sage on the Stage” is not the best way to engage students in class, nor in the power of art today. Fortunately the CSULB SOA has one of the most unique resources I know of: our amazing 5 gallery complex. There aren’t many places where students like you have so many opportunities to exhibit. Nor are there many places where students like mine can come and see 60 different shows in a single semester. What an opportunity to see a wide, diverse range of media, forms, concepts, and cultural influences.

Beyonce and Jay Z in front of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre

We’ll be coming to the galleries every Thursday this semester to look at your, and the other SOA artists’ work. All 131 of my students will be visiting, viewing, chatting with you, and each week, each of them will pick 1 of the shows to write a blog post about. Their posts are due on Sunday night at midnight. The Monday after your show you can click on one of these 6 links to see what they’ve posted:

Art110 Students in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard, waiting for the Galleries to open.

I know mounting a show, plus the rest of school, work, and life itself is a lot for you! I do have 6, hopefully small requests. If you can help with any of them it will be most appreciated by the students and I, and I hope valuable to you as well. If you’re not able, no worries, and thank you for considering us. Here’s my wish list, 2 can-you-do’s and 4 can-you-send-me’s.

  1. Open at 11am on Thursday of your week
  2. Come by UT-108 any time between 11am & Noon on Tuesday of your week and talk about your work for a couple of minutes
  3. send a few words about yourself
  4. send a few words about your work
  5. send a photo of yourself
  6. send a photo of your work
Long Beach State University, School of Art, Max Gatov Galleries East & West, featuring a large, encyclopedic installation of fiber art practice by Heather Anacker & Krista Feld
Installation by Heather Anacker & Krista Feld, Spring 2014

If you’re able to visit us, and/or if you’re able to send a few words and an image, the students can be just a bit more prepared when they come to look at your work. If you send words and/or images, I’ll make them a part of my weekly information post on the Art110 website,

Again, congratulations on your exhibition this semester! Whether it’s your thesis show, a non-degree show, group show, curatorial project, or anything else, I’m so pleased that we’ll be able to share some of your ideas with you this spring.

Good luck with your show!

— Glenn

CSULB Art110 Students on the stage in UT-108

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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