Spring 14 Syllabus

Spring 14 Syllabus

Group of students in the CSULB University Theater (UT-108) with the one in the center holding up an iClicker and smiling.
Former Art110 star Hilary “Turtle” Phan with her iClicker


Art 110: Introduction to the Visual Arts

• Instructor: Glenn Zucman
• Section 1: Class No.1041
• glenn.zucman@csulb.edu

• Tuesdays: UT-108
• Thursdays: CSULB School of Art Galleries

• TuTh 10:30-11 outside UT-108 / Galleries
• TuTh 12:30-1 School of Art Galleries

• None.

This course will cover 3 million years of Art & Culture. From a proto-human moment in a distant South African cave, to the autonomous, post-human, Images That Think out somewhere in cyber-space. Along this journey we will consider the constantly evolving nature of human consciousness and how our consciousness is revealed & redefined through art. Through Art110 students will experience a variety of media, and learn how artists, both “famous” as well as their own peers here in the CSULB School of Art, have used art to investigate culture and creativity.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
• Describe some of the styles, ideas, and issues found in the Western canon.
• Understand and articulate some of the ways that art functions vis-a-vis human culture
• Build upon their direct, introductory experiences, in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Animation, and Data Visualization in both Physical and Virtual worlds
• Articulate their understanding of the relationship between art and: culture, speech, creativity, expression.
• Describe the role of the artist in culture / society.

This course includes weekly:
1. Art Activities
2. Interview with an Artist (CSULB School of Art Galleries)
3. Interview with a Classmate
4. video lectures
5. video artist-of-the-week

1, 2 & 3 will be assessed via your blog.
4 & 5 will be assessed via weekly in-class clicker questions.

• The Internet.

• See the Art110 Materials List

• Please login to BeachBoard & visit the Art110 site for all videos

• See Activities, Spring 2014

• Blog: 600
• Clickers: 300
• Final: 100

Total Points = 1000

A – 900 points
B – 800 points
C – 700 points
D – 600 points
F – 599 points & below

Extra Credit
• Write Clicker Questions
• Present your P12
• Media Camp

Attendance Policy
It is the student’s responsibility to attend all class meetings. 40% of your grade comes through clicker points which you cannot earn if you are not present. On Thursdays you will have the opportunity to do 3 of the weekly activities: Interview a Student Artist, Interview a Classmate, and plan, and in some cases complete, your activity of the week. Missing 1 or 2 classes across the span of the semester should not be too detrimental to your final grade. If you need to miss more than that, you should see me immediately and most likely plan to take Art110 a different semester.

Univ. Withdrawal Policy
It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from classes. The Drop deadlines for Spring Semester 2014 are:
• Feb 3, 2014 before 10pm – using MyCSULB – without a “W” on your transcript
• Apr 18, 2014 – with the signature of the School of Art Undergraduate Adviser
• May 9, 2014 – with the signature of the Dean of the College of the Arts

Do not be deceived by these seemingly late drop dates! For the first 2 weeks, withdrawal is your choice and done through MyCSULB. After that it requires at least the signature of the School of Art Undergraduate Adviser and is very likely to be denied. The CSULB School of Art is enrollment impacted and therefore maintains a strict drop policy. The official School of Art Drop Policy is no drops after the second week except for serious and compelling reasons. Severe or extensive medical problems would be a reason to drop late, but fear of receiving a final grade lower than desired, or change in your work schedule, are not considered serious and compelling reasons. If allowed, a “W” will appear on your transcript.

The School of Art grants incompletes rarely and only for the most extreme conditions.

CSULB will make reasonable accommodations for any student who has a disability. It is the student’s responsibility to notify me in advance of the need for special accommodations. This course utilizes many activities and many tools. Most of you should have no trouble with any of this, however if anyone has challenges with any course aspect for any reason, please be in touch ASAP and we can work to find suitable alternatives. A sincere effort should result in real learning and a good grade, so never be afraid to ask for any accommodations you need, but do make a sincere effort.

In addition to all the stuff you have to do to get a grade in this course… don’t forget to have fun! Art is a fun, interesting, exciting, and enjoyable subject. Art offers pleasure to the viewer, consolation to the distraught, and wisdom to the seeker. Art will enrich your leisure time, resonate with your life, and offer surprising relevance to almost any career field you choose!

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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