Spring 14 Materials

Spring 14 Materials

Meggan Seyfried, apparently dead, face down in a swimming pool.
Meggan Seyfried contemplating her demise.


1. Mobile Device / Laptop

Most of our weekly projects will use things you already have, like shooting pix & vids with your smart phone or tablet. You’ll use your mobile device,laptop or desktop to create web pages.

2. Website & URL


Your Website / Blog can use any platform that allows you to use your own Domain Name (URL) So yes to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger & Ghost, but no to Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

Many of you will know Tumblr and probably haven’t heard of WordPress. Tumblr rocks, but, it’s not really the best choice for your professional online resume. WordPress currently powers 20% of all sites on the web and while I don’t require it, I do highly recommend it. You can get a free forever website at WordPress.com, and your own domain name will cost about $18.

It’s your website and your choice what URL you buy. But as a professional site for your career, something like GlennZucman.com will probably serve you better than something like CoolNowButEmbarrassingLater.com

3. iClicker


For our clicker questions please buy an iClicker1, iClicker2 or iClicker+ (but NOT “webClicker”) New or used, buy or rent, in the bookstore or online, or another student. Wherever you get your iClicker, and even if you used it last semester, YOU MUST REGISTER YOUR iCLICKER TO GET POINTS!!!

4. Plaster


You need some things that you can probably scrounge up somewhere:
• Bucket
• Shovel
• Stir Stick
And you’ll get some
1. Plaster of Paris – a 4# box for yourself is about $7 or you could get a 25# bag to share between 4 or 5 or even 6 people for about $16

5. Spray Paint


You’ll need at least 2 colors of paint, but just buy 1 can and share colors with a classmate. Any spray paint is ok. Montana Gold is really great!

6. Other Materials

Whatever materials you might need to realize your vision on various projects including P11, P12 & Media Camp.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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