Spring ’14 Class Finale

Spring ’14 Class Finale

Hi Guys!
The grades are in! You should be able to see them within 24 hours or so. And we had so many high grades this semester! Yay! Congratulations to all of our high achievers! Whatever grade you may have earned, I hope you had a good experience this semester. I hope you got to meet a bunch of artists who live where you live, are about your age, and are thinking about the same 2014 world that you’re thinking about. I hope you met some classmates that you’ll keep in touch with down the road. And I hope you had fun with the projects.

CSULB Final Grades!

CSULB Final Grades: Ida Bohlin showing her plaster casting of her hand.
Ida Bohlin, Plaster Casting
Like all semesters, we also had a handful of low grades. Hopefully, as you’re reading this, you did get one of those high grades. But if you happen to have finished on the low end, try to be realistic about it. Low grades aren’t helpful and finding a way to do better in the future would be good. But a grade also isn’t the definition of who you are or your worth as a person. A grade is simply a way of measuring accomplishments in a given period of time. It doesn’t define or limit your possibilities for the future. We didn’t have very many on the low end, but if you did wind up there, try not to get down on yourself or be depressed about it. That never really helps. For those who were able to earn high scores this time around, I do want to say congratulations!

As you know, we had 1,000 points possible this semester, and 900 was an “A”. In addition to a whole lot of “A’s,” Zhamir Pascual had exactly 1,000 points, or “perfect!” And 16 of you earned OVER 1,000 points! Our superstar Geri Weckstein (Biology, ’17) finished with a remarkable 1182 points! Our visitor from Uppsala, Sweden, Ida Bohlin (Business, ’13) totaled up 1116 points, and Bryan Humski (Business Management, ’16) came through for the male gender with an awesome 1083. Our intricate illustrator Olivia Sugarman (International Business, ’17) finished with 1067 points. I’ll stop already and just give you the chart of the top 40:

If you have any trouble viewing the spreadsheet, you can view it directly. Remember if you want to lookup a classmate you can find their website on our Roster Page.

It’s your website now!

CSULB Final Grades: Students standing in front of the CSULB School of Art Galleries
Brian Humski at the CSULB School of Art, Galleries, with classmate Pilar Garcia
As you know, I’ve been preaching all semester about making these websites yours. Now that the semester’s over, you can really take charge if you want to. You can set your Art110 posts to the side if you like, or even take them down if you prefer. You can let your website present you to the world however you’d like to be seen.

Happy Trails

Thanks so much for spending these last 4 months thinking about Art with your 131 classmates and I. It’s been a privilege to spend this slice of your CSULB career with you. I hope everyone has a nice summer. To our handful of graduating seniors, Good Luck! My best wishes on whatever the next chapter is for you. To our big majority of freshmen, WOW! You finished your first year! Congratulations! And to our sophomores, juniors, and super-seniors, congratulations on finishing another year.

CSULB Final Grades: Students standing in the CSULB School of Art, Gallery Courtyard.
Olivia Sugarman at the CSULB School of Art, Galleries, with classmate Garrett Turner.
Art110 will be the same time and same place in the fall. If you’d ever care to drop by and say “Hi!” I’d love to hear how your new semester is going for you.

Warm Regards,


CSULB Final Grades: photo of Geri Weckstein imagining her demise surrounded by alcohol and pills
Geri Weckstein, Landscapes with a Corpse

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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