Introduction to the Visual Arts

Monique Nicholson

It is my real pleasure to recommend Monique Nicholson for graduate work in the Communication Science and Disorders program. In the past 9 years I’ve taught 3,699 students at CSULB and Monique is in the top 1% for dedication, passion, commitment, teamwork, and results. She’s grown a lot in her time at CSULB and she’s worked to strengthen any weak areas. One area where she’s never been weak is her engagement with people and community and helping others.

First as a student in my Art 110, Introduction to the Visual Arts course, and later as a student assistant for it, Monique has demonstrated both leadership and selflessness. I’ve seen her complete a large project when her team disappeared, but I’ve also seen her build and facilitate team achievement. And as a student assistant she’s further shown the ability to facilitate the achievements of others and then step back and let them shine.

I love teaching and I completely believe in General Education, I’m convinced it is the foundation of our culture. Nonetheless, teaching thousands of freshmen, non-major students can be draining. It can be frustrating to keep pouring your passion out to an ocean of students with limited engagement. It is the rare gem like Monique that makes my job worth doing. Without students like Monique and the network of top students she helped create, I wouldn’t still be doing and loving this work 9 years later.

Monique Nicholson has my highest recommendation. Please contact me if I can provide any further information.

Glenn Zucman
School of Art
Long Beach State University.

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