Fall ’15 Materials

Fall ’15 Materials

Banner for Art110 Fall 2015


  • There is no paper textbook to buy.
  • Your textbook is your smartphone.

smartphone with app icons floating above it


Your Own Domain Name – Optional (+30 EC)


We’re making free WordPress.com websites to document all your work this semester. When you sign up, you can get a free WP.com domain name, or for about $18 you can buy your own domain name for 1 year.

  • http://GlennZucman.WordPress.com – Free
  • http://GlennZucman.com – $18/year

I think it’s a really good idea to buy a domain name. It gives you a sense of empowerment, making your website really yours. It’s more professional. And it’s just plain easier for peeps, be they friends and family, or HR Directors, to type in. If you choose to go for a custom “me.com” I’ll “pay you back” with +30 of EC – OFFER ONLY GOOD DURING WEEK 1! EC will be posted with your regular points.

If you do choose to get your own Domain Name, you can get anything you like. But I’d encourage you to go for your own name. Before inserting numbers and other things, at least check if just your name is available. Sometimes even if your name is taken at places like Gmail, it’ll still be available as a URL. The simpler the better.

photo of the contents of the Art 110 Art Kit: Bucket, plaster, stir stick, paint brush,  2 cans of Montana Gold paint, package of 100 unlined index cards, tin of Altoids mints and a bar magnet
Art 110, Art Kit, Fall 2015, available in either the Main CSULB Bookstore, or the CSULB Art Store in FA3

Art Kits

Except for a shovel, and your smartphone, pretty much everything you’ll need for our Activities this semester is in the Art110 Art Kit. It’s available in the Regular Bookstore, and in the Art Store in FA3 (with way less lines! 🙂

If you do plaster casting in a group, 1 shovel is probably enough. But be sure it is metal! Plastic shovels break right away. A small garden shovel is fine. If you find a big shovel in your parents garage, that’s fine too.

Other Materials

Whatever materials you might need to realize your vision on various Activities. Mostly minimal cost or stuff you can find around the house.

Image: Kickoff 001

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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