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Thursday 15 September ’16

Hi guys!

I thought we’d try something different for our Chat. So far this has been a place for a few questions and answers, but not really “chat”. That’s cool, except that it turns out the chat plugin adds a lot of load time to the website. No fun! So let’s try something different and see how it goes. We’ve been using this Chat page for my 9-10am Monday VR OH, and also for 24/7 questions. So let’s try this: Periscope for VR OH, and for 24/7 questions.

  • Periscope: glenn_irs – Mondays 9-10am
  • – 24/7 questions

You can watch Periscope live on any iOS / Android device and ask any questions you like.
You can pop by any time and ask a question or read previous answers.

If you like this better, or worse, or have other suggestions, drop a comment below!

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