Art 111 SCO Feedback


On 5 April ’17 Karen Kleinfelder and I presented the v2017b draft of the Art111 SCO to the SOA Curriculum Committee and received the following feedback:


Expand Justification – history, rationale, make a stronger case for the importance of this class – updating an existing class

Typos & Formatting

  • two, not 2
  • 4-1-a – measurable benchmarks – bold, underline (skip a space) – Evaluation instruments, etc
  • Must be a Word Doc (.docx)
  • Assessment – not 35% (30)


  • “Attempt” weekly art activitiesAttempt is a poor word choice. Use measurable words like demonstrate, complete, perform, execute
  • confront fears – this is a reasonable concept, but a poor word choice. Try to say this in Art Language, like: demonstrate an ability to express themselves in art genres. Try to contextualize the idea of “risk taking” in an art context.
  • Put taking risks into more of an SOA context / language – make it make sense to visual art, to your strategies as skill development: question instead of confront
  • Language used in Benchmarks & Skill Development will be scrutinized. Don’t raise flags! But still express what you believe in.

Art Experiences

  • Too many? Have fewer assignments?
  • Organize VI Methods of instruction so it’s clearer that it’s a mix.
  • Reduce number of experiences and add Critique & Revise?
  • Project sequence: Benchmarks: roughs, sketches, process…
  • Curate an exhibition of 10 classmate works and why you chose them.
  • Focus on student growth, vs sampling or busywork – do something & then get critical feedback. Don’t just move on to the next thing. Build on things. Revisit things. Take it further.
  • Not just a lot of experiences.
  • More like exercises than making finished artworks?

Course Structure

  • What are the core concepts of the class that are built through all these activities & experiences? Work toward understanding a set of core concepts. Build…
  • How is this class integrating with the broader SOA curriculum? Way to remain what it is, but also integrate aspects of SOA strengths?
  • Synthesize more with SOA
  • Make more sense with our School
  • Incorporate SOA Minors (non GE classes will be open to the whole university. Define this class in a more specific way)
  • “Art Appreciation” class.
  • Experiential approach to understanding art making practices
  • As is, the SLOs are written more for a studio art class. Shift them more to Art Appreciation. Focus on, and use, making as a component to Appreciating Art.
  • Frame it in a way that helps them understand the issues that go into work. Help them understand the process of how a painter makes decisions. We do not want students talking about “finger painting”.
CSULB Dance Majors exploring movement possibilities in the School of Art's Art Gallery Courtyard
CSULB Dance Majors exploring movement possibilities in the School of Art’s Art Gallery Courtyard

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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