Introduction to the Visual Arts


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Two dancers making a configuration on the ground in front of Disney Hall on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles
Photographing dancers in front of Disney Hall during a Downtown LA Arts District Photowalk.



Read about a cool Photowalk to get the idea:

CSULB Campus Photowalks

This week we’ll have Photowalks of the CSULB Campus led by some of your classmates. Each Photowalk Leader will define in advance a specific route or area or type of path they want to take. Each student will pick one leader and join their walk. Then bring your “camera” (phone or real camera if you have one) and take a series of pictures along the walk.

Photographic Elements

Pay attention to all your photographic elements: light, shadow, foreground, background, composition, angle, dynamics, statics, cropping, framing, etc.

Just 1 Blog Post This Week

This week we’re meeting at the SOA Gallery complex on Thursday as usual, but we’re not doing Artist & Classmate conversations this week! Instead we’ll go off on our Photowalks. This week only, it’s just 1 blog post, for the Photowalk Art Experience, and no Conversation posts. We’ll be back to the usual 3 posts next week.

Blog It

  1. Include at least 6 pix from your walk in your blog post.
  2. Talk about the experience of the walk.
  3. Talk about what you were looking for in your photographs.
  4. Say a few words about your guide: what was good? What could make the walk even better?

The Walks

You can follow the Photowalk Guide of your choice. Here are the 8 Guides and the CSULB Photowalk Tours they’ll be leading:

Maddy Braverman

My theme will be “What CSULB is Truly Known For”. Our university has many amazing attributes but when referring to the campus there are a few particular locations and attractions that really make the school unique. I plan to go to my favorite CSULB sign made out of plants, the notorious fountains, the pyramid, the Japanese Gardens and more if we have time. Additionally, open for questions and suggestions always.

Maddy Braverman at Seal Beach smiling & holding a plaster casting of her hand

Jing Huan Ooi

My theme will be “The natural side of CSULB”. I am going to bring students down close to the engineering buildings where there are lots of trees around. For me It is the best place for photography. 😀

photo of Jing Huan Ooi

Anthony Sanchez

My plan is to take the group through the middle of campus and get some shots of daily life. Next we’ll head below the science building where you can see over a nice part of campus. Last we will head towards the Pyramid to take pictures of one of the marvels of CSULB.

photo of Anthony Sanchez with his hands in the air

Valentina Ramirez

I have in mind walking around campus past the most well known parts of our campus and also new seating areas that have been added to school (example: between LA4 and LA3 there’s a newer grassy area with benches and tables), the Pyramid, the water fountains.

photo of Valentina Ramirez holding a plaster casting of her hand

Joshua Hyun

I will take my group to go see the Walter Pyramid, one of the few pyramids in the United States. I will also take us to go see the Japanese garden at school to see the influence of Asian culture even here in CSULB.

headshot of CSULB student Joshua Hyun

Dorothy McMahon

My walk will take students to the different water displays we have on campus. From the fountain to the Japanese garden. To take photos of the water and the art that has gone into presenting it.

portrait of Dorothyrose McMahon

Hunter Mervosh

My theme will be trees of CSULB. We have so many different forms of greenery on campus; like the other day I saw a plumeria tree on campus and it caught me off guard because it was the only one I’ve ever seen on campus. We will walk the upper campus admiring the trees of CSULB we often take for granted and lack admiration of.

Hunter Mervosh in a bathtub

Crysta Tim

My plan is to take my group through the fun recreation sights of CSULB. First we will go to the outdoor shopping area near the bookstore, then go to the bottom floor of the USU (billiards, bowling, swimming pool), then we will end at the H2O fountain at Brotman Hall.

Portrait of Crysta Tim

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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