Introduction to the Visual Arts

Identity Art (Periscope)

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series of screen caps from Periscope

Hi guys!

In watching your first Periscopes, cool pieces on things like:

  • Studying in the Library
  • Working out at the Rec Center
  • Going to Disneyland
  • Hanging Out with the Exchange Students from Germany
  • Driving to School
  • Hanging Out at the Beach

One thing I’ve realized in watching them is that, duh! we’re really new to Periscope! Instagram & SnapChat are tools most of you use every day, but Periscope is kind of unfamiliar territory for you. Instagram is so “sacred” that many of you made new accounts for our IG day so you wouldn’t “pollute” your “real” IG with 4 art pix.

You can still try one of the 3 Periscope spaces that Bree and I talked about on Tuesday:

  • Lifecasting
  • Counterfactual Identity
  • Social Good

But I think I’d like to open it up and also make it a more informal Activity. So here’s the “Periscope Exploration Activity”.

students Periscoping from the beach in Long Beach, CA

Periscope Exploration

  1. Watch for 60 minutes
  2. Scope for 60 minutes
  3. Pass the Scope during Gallery Thursday Today
  4. Blog it!

Screen cap of Periscope "Hide and Seek NYC"

Watch for 60

  • Watch 6 peeps broadcast for 10 minutes each.
  • 3 Classmates
  • 3 “normal” Periscopers

You can find “normal” Periscopers just by cruising through the app. Click on the “Globe” icon and you can find people live across the globe. Here’s a few that I think are interesting:

  • BreeOlson – lifecasting
  • Guy_Tang – hair stylist
  • WagaMamaMama – aka “Dave in Osaka” – travel ‘scopes
  • PikeyTime – writer/actor
  • LauraWRDW – News 12 in Augusta, GA

You can find 3 classmates to watch by:

  • Trading Periscope ID’s today at the galleries
  • Checking the list of peeps I’m following at Glenn_IRS

If you follow me I’ll follow you back – that’s optional! Not required. You don’t have to follow me to see the list of peeps, almost all classmates, that I’m following, and click on any of them.

Screen cap of student Periscoping from the basement of the CSULB University Library

Scope for 60 minutes

Give it a try! Be yourself! Or try anything! Do 60 minutes in any form you like: one hour long post, 6 x 10 minutes, 12 x 5 minutes, whatever you like.

Pass the Scope @SOA Galleries

I thought it was pretty cool near the end of class on Tuesday when something like 1/4 of you were all watching Bree Olson’s Periscope as we were also in the room. Very meta! So let’s all try Broadcasting & Watching today!

  • Bring your phone
  • Broadcast
  • Watch
  • Trade Periscope ID’s
  • See what happens

student holding her phone at arm's length as she Periscopes a table full of students studying

Blog It!

  • Take screen caps of your own broadcasts
  • Take screen caps of some “normal” Periscope broadcasts you watch
  • Take screen caps of some Classmate Periscopes you watch

Write about your experience. Was it fun? Stressful? Surprising? In a way it’s not all that different from our Instagram Activity, except of course that IG is mostly still pix and Periscope is video. Did that make it different? Do you see ways to use Periscope? To build a community? To share ideas? To explore art or cultural or political questions?