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Game Design (3D VR Chair)

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images of 4 chairs in different styles


We won’t have too much time to really think about Game Design this week, but we will try making a basic element for a Virtual World. This week we’re going to make a chair. A 3D VR Chair. To get started, do an image search for “Chair.” There’ve been a lot of chair designs across the ages and across the globe. Find something to inspire you!

Screen cap of the results of a Google Image Search for the word "Chair" -- shows a couple different chair styles from classical to avant garde
Image Search: “Chair”

Your Tools

Next step: pick a platform to create your chair. You can use any Virtual World or any 3D Design Software that will let you make a chair. This includes pretty much all 3D design software. In many virtual worlds like WoW or Lotro or Tera I don’t think you can make things, but there are “Building Worlds” like Minecraft or Second Life where you can. IDK about video games, but if you can find one where you can make a 3D chair, that’s cool too. Minecraft is a pay game, but some of you might already own it. Second Life is free to play. There is a lot of 3D Design software that you can get for free.

Video Games to build a 3D Chair

  • I don’t currently know of any – do you?

Virtual Worlds (MMORPGs) to build a 3D Chair

3D Design Software

  • Google SketchUp (free)
  • Blender (free)
  • SolidWorks ($, but free trial version)(Windows only)
  • Autodesk makes a number of powerful, and expensive 3D Design software products. Fortunately, as a CSULB student you are eligible for full, free, non-restricted, non-time-limited copies! Through the Autodesk Student Program you can download a copy of 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and other software packages.

Make Your Chair

After a little research on what sort of chair you’d like to make, and picking a platform, make your chair!


This will probably be a very fun project for a few of you, and a few of you might feel pretty lost by this project. Just make the best chair you can. For some of you this may be a detailed, elaborate chair. For others it may be a simple, cobbled together chair. Don’t stress! Take a breath. All of these platforms will let you take basic elements like “cubes” (aka “pieces of wood”) and put them together. Shout if you need help!

Full Credit

For full credit take at least 2 pictures of your chair from different views. You could also take “chair in progress” pix showing the interface of whatever platform you chose. Write a little about your experience. Do you like your chair? Have you thought about the landscapes, architecture, and decor in Games, Virtual Worlds, and Motion Picture Special Effects before? Will you think about these elements any differently in the future?

Extra Credit

This activity has 2 Extra Credit Options:

  • If you use pretty much any of the 3D Design packages, you can 3D Print your chair at the Long Beach Maker Society. The Long Beach Maker Society is located on the CSULB campus at Vivian Engineering Center (VEC) room 524. You can Export a .stl file and send it to the LB Maker Society / 3D Print Shop. They’ll check that your chair will print, then give you a cost estimate ($10 should do it) and then print it for you. +60 EC for a selfie of you with your 3D Printed chair.

NOTE: I’m checking that LB Maker Society is running the 3D Print Shop over summer. I’ll update you on availability. If you have access to a 3D printer anywhere else, you can also print your chair there.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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