Fall ’20 Week 8 – Sketching our Solo Projects

Fall ’20 Week 8 – Sketching our Solo Projects

Due This Week

  • Art Activity: Student Choice, Part 1On Medium
  • Artist Essay: Micol Hebron + Joseph DeLappeOn Medium
  • Discussion on BeachBoardOn BeachBoard

Art Activity: Student Choice

For the past 7 week’s I have picked the art medium or the topic. This time it’s all up to you.

Pick Your Media, or Intermedia

  • This time you pick the topic, like Climate Change, or my lame BF/GF, or anything else you want to explore.
  • And you pick the Media, like Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Fiber, Installation, Video, Performance, etc

You can come up with the media first, and then decide what you want to make in that media. Or you can come up with your idea/concept first, and then choose the media that seems best able to communicate your ideas to an audience

Part 1 of a 2-week Project

This is a 2-week project! This week we are “sketching” our idea but not producing it yet. Think through what you want to do and how you might achieve it. Your “sketch” could be:

  • Pencil on Paper
  • Words in a Text Editor
  • Computer or Tablet Sketch
  • Collage of magazine images
  • or anything else
  • If you do “sketch” your sketch, please do not use color. Let’s save the color for next week. If color matters, you can include color chips you’re thinking about, like “Chili, Mustard & Teal” or whatever colors are relevant
  • In your Medium post please describe:
  1. What you plan to do
  2. Why you want to do it
  3. What resources you will need
  4. What concerns you might have – time? materials? your own skill? audience understanding? etc
  5. Name your Medium post: Wk 8 – Art Activity – Student Choice, Part 1

Artist Essay: Micol Hebron + Joseph DeLappe

In Week 6 we explored Intermedia Art. Two intermedia artists are Joseph DeLappe and Micol Hebron. They both use a diverse range of media to explore a variety of contemporary topics. I hope you’ll find their work interesting and provocative. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to meet with them as we did with Bobi Bosson. Fortunately, there’s lots of online info on both of them. A little Internet research should yield plenty of info.

Joseph DeLappe standing next to a large sculpture of his Gandhi avatar
Joseph DeLappe standing next to a large sculpture of his Gandhi avatar

Since they’re also both living artists, we could email them with questions. Since we don’t want dozens of Art110 students emailing them, let’s do this:

  1. Do a bit of online research so you have some idea of Hebron & DeLappe’s work.
  2. Hop on the Art 110 Discord server and throw out whatever questions you think would be good to ask them. Hopefully one or more of you can help organize the questions. I’d say limit it to no more than the 10 most important questions. Even 10 is a lot! Less would be better. Try to get this done on Tuesday. I know not everyone will be able to participate, but as many as can will be great.
  3. Then 1 student go ahead and email Micol and 1 student email Joseph. Try to email them by Tuesday night. Be polite! They’re busy peeps and we’re asking them for a favor. You might say that you have to write about them by Sunday night, so if their schedule allows, could they reply by Friday night? I’ve actually never done this before – who knows what will happen – you might get no response – you might get some responses – you might get huge responses.
  4. Whatever responses you do get, post on Discord to share with everyone who wants the answers. If you want to join the Art 110 Discord server, it’s https://discord.gg/nTZWBUV
  5. Between your own online research, and any information we might get from emailing them, write your Artist Essay. Use our standard Artist Essay Template: https://glenn.zucman.com/i2va/fall20-template/
  6. The template should work pretty well even though it’s 2 artists this time. Remember to “compare & contrast” their work. Similarities and differences.
  7. Name your post: Week 8 – Artist – Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Discussion on BeachBoard

5 “bitz” as always. See the exciting new questions on BB!

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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