Fall ’20 – Wk 7 – Collabor-8

Fall ’20 – Wk 7 – Collabor-8

Hello, everyone!

Due this week:

  1. Art Activity – Collabor-8
  2. Art Idea Essay #1 – The Art of Place
  3. BeachBoard Discussion
Inception, written & directed by Christopher Nolan

Art Activity: Collabor-8

In class on Monday we set up groups of 4 to work on this week’s project. Here’s how it will work:

  1. TOPIC: Each Day, Monday-Thursday, pick a “topic” for the next day. On Monday you pick 2 topics, one for Monday, and one for Tuesday. After that, you just pick the topic for the next day. Your topics can be global, like Coronavirus, Climate Change, or George Floyd. Or they can be personal, like Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Outdoor Activity. Your topic can also be conceptual or abstract, like Pink or Shoes.
  2. TAKE PIX: Each Day, Monday-Friday, each person on your team takes a picture that loosely revolves around the day’s theme. You are not required to be in the photo, but it would be a nice connection if you can at least be in some of them.
  3. SEND PIX: Each Day, Monday-Friday, each person sends their photo to all the other teammates.
  4. EDIT PHOTOS: On Saturday-Sunday you should have a total of 20 pix from yourself and your teammates. Or possibly 15 if you lost a teammate. Now select any 12 photos from the collection. Now arrange them in any order you like to tell a story. This step is not done as a group, each person creates their own collection from the larger group pool of photos and makes their own Medium post.
  5. WRITE STORY: Now write a story. Create a series of captions that weaves your selection of images together to express some narrative. For most of you, your story will be fiction. It could also be non-fiction. You might take this semi-random collection of photos and use them as a chance to talk about School, Dating, Social Justice, Climate Change, or any other topic. For example, a photo of shoes could have the caption “Have you ever walked a mile in someone else’s shoes…?” And then launch into your story or thought piece about the topic of your choice as illustrated by your photo collection.
  6. TEAMMATES: At the top of your story list your teammates’ names and add links to their Medium. You can find everyone’s link on our roster page. Be sure not to read your teammates’ stories till after you finish yours!
  7. MEDIUM POST: Name your Medium post: Week 7 – Art Activity – Collabor-8. This week you do not have to answer any questions in your blog post. Your story itself is all you have to write. We will still have our normal BeachBoard discussion questions.


Students often don’t love, but business almost always demands, teamwork! I hope that collaborating with your classmates this week will be fun, offer different perspectives, and help you meet your LBSU peers. But beyond all that, there is no doubt that finding ways to work with teams is essential for your future career. Who leads? Who follows? How chill should you be? How demanding should you be? How do you get unmotivated partners to do their part? If you’re the overachiever in the group, do you just do the whole thing? Is that approach sustainable over your entire career? If you’re the slacker in the group, do you just let your teammates carry you? Is that a valuable career? Is that a meaningful life? Making the most of team projects and communicating with partners is a skill you’ll be using for decades to come.

Art Idea Essay #1 – The Art of Place

As you know, we have 2 things we do every week of the semester, an Art Activity and BeachBoard Discussion. Some weeks we have a 3rd thing due:

  • 4 Artist Essays
  • 2 Art Idea Essays

We’ve had one Artist Essay so far, and we’ll have more in the future. This week we have our first Art Idea Essay

Turn in Where?

  • Artist Essays & Art Idea Essays, just like your Art Activities, are posts on Medium. Please do not combine an Art Idea Essay and an Art Activity blog post – be sure to make them separate Medium posts.
  • Name your Medium post: Week 7 – Art Idea Essay – The Art of Place
Image: Encompass Europe

The Art of Place

In the past 6 weeks we’ve thought a lot about place. And a lot about the pandemic and how it effects our experience of place. As a reminder, here’s what we’ve done:

  • Wk 1 – Zines
  • Wk 2 – Virtual: Worlds
  • Wk 3 – Drinking & Drawing
  • Wk 4 – Architecture & Urban Planning (AUP) – LBSU Campus
  • Wk 5 – Photo 1 – Documenting Place
  • Wk 6 – Intermedia Art

3 of these 6 activities: Virtual: Worlds, AUP & Documenting Place have been invitations for you to Explore, Design, and Document places and the experience of place.

  • Virtual: Worlds – exploring place (Virtual Worlds vs Communication platforms like FB, IG, Zoom, etc)
  • AUP – Designing an LBSU campus for 21st-century experiences and also for corona and other viruses
  • Documenting Place – making a document of a place or a time in a place, like a day in your life/a day at your home.

In this 4-paragraph essay you should think through The Art of Place.

  • Paragraph 1 – Thesis – Describe your ideas about how Place effects lives, creates culture, and expresses identity, values, and opportunities.
  • Paragraph 2 – Research – look up at least 2 Artists, and at least one other person, like an Anthropologist, Sociologist, Philosopher, Urban Planner, or Public Policy Analyst, who have put forth ideas about Place. Describe their work and how you find it useful.
  • Paragraph 3 – Alternatives – discuss other forms of Place that exist, or could exist, for school, work, and life. How can the experience of place be made better? How can it adapt to Corona and other viruses? How can it adapt to the lifestyles of Gen-Z and Millennials in the 21st century? How is a Digital Nomad Millennial’s experience of place different from an office-working Baby Boomer?
  • Paragraph 4 – Conclusions – summarize your findings and describe your vision for place in the 21st century. Describe America (or the country of your choice) in 2024. In 2050. Describe how you personally expect to navigate place during the next year of pandemic isolation. Describe how you would like to experience place in your life and career in the years after your graduation from LBSU.

Weekly Discussion Questions

  • See the Discussion Section on BeachBoard.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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