Summer ’16: Happy Trails!

Summer ’16: Happy Trails!

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Well, you survived Summer ’16! Congratulations! To those who are done, done, a really big Congratulations!! To everyone returning to The Beach next semester, enjoy your one week off! I’m sure it’ll be plenty busy!

Good luck with grad school, GRE’s, work, family, life, and all the other things you guys are working on. And thank you for being a part of Art110 this summer. It was really nice getting to know you online, and meeting a few of you F2F.

Happy Trails!

Final Grades

As you know, we had 1,000 points possible in the course, with 900 needed for a final grade of “A”, 800 = “B”, 700 = “C”, 600 = “D”, and 599 & below = “F”. Since a few of you actually wound up with over 1,000 points, I’m calling those “A+” or Super-A’s. You should know that there’s no such thing on your official university transcripts, there’s just the regular “A”. Which is pretty good! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated this summer. Here’s the final breakdown:

A+ – 4 peeps
A – 11 peeps
B – 4 peeps
C – 0 peeps
D – 0 peeps
F – 4 peeps

Class GPA = 3.13

Congratulations to all. And thank you to all. And here’s our 4 “super A’s”:

Lisa Mann, 1,224 points

Lisa Mann at the beach with a plaster casting project in the sand
Lisa Mann

Hiten Master, 1,113 points

Street photo of Hiten Master
Hiten Master

Rannah Jahedi, 1,102 points

Rannah Jahedi & Glenn Zucman at the Seal Beach Pier. Rannah holds a plaster casting of her hand which Glenn points to. Sun, sand, the Pacific Ocean, and blue sky is behind them.
Rannah Jahedi & Glenn Zucman

Lisa Bernhauser, 1,002 points

Layla Hadidi & Lisa Bernhauser @ The Broad
Layla Hadidi & Lisa Bernhauser @ The Broad

Course Docs

I’ll be taking the Summer Roster & Summer Syllabus off the class website menus soon. Making room for Fall. But even though those materials won’t be featured on the menus, the information will still be here on the BeachArts website. If you ever want to go visit a classmate’s blog to see what they’re up to, you still can use the roster. If you want to check the syllabus, to remind yourself what you did when working on a resume, or transferring units to another school, it’s still here.

Last Activity

For the last activity last week you chose a lot of different things. Here are a few of them:

photo collage by Adam Waldrop
Adam Waldrop

Adam made a very cool summer synthesis project. He started by doing another Automatic Drawing, and then used that drawing as a GIMP (Photoshop like, Open Source software) template to make a collage of some of the Activities & Artists from our summer adventure.

fiber art wall hanging
Carol Velazquez, Fiber Art #2
fiber art wall hanging
Deanna Soward, fiber art #2
screen cap of Kelly Schwartz' sailing website
Kelly Schwartz

Kelly used Week 12 to convert her Art110 website to a Sailing website. Very cool! This home page screen-shot shows how powerful a sailboat and a smile can be in setting both the content and the tone of a site.

I didn’t talk a lot about ePortfolios this summer, but I can’t encourage you enough to think about one. You’ve been using a great ePortfolio tool all summer. You could convert your Art110 website to your ePortfolio… or make a new WordPress site… or use any other platform you like… but what a great thing to have!

Whether you’re taking more classes or starting a career, a website is a great place to document some of the great work you do. Obviously if you’re an employee or if you have clients, you’ll need to be sensitive about what is and is not appropriate to make public. But don’t let that stop you from showing what you’ve done.

Start now!

Keep building!

stencil art of Hillary Clinton
Layla Hadidi

As some of you know, Layla really got into our Graffiti Writing activity. She metup with some classmates at the Venice Art Walls, then later went to Sunken City in San Pedro, and later still went to Davenport Ditch near Santa Cruz. For her final activity she decided to give stencil making a try. She cut stencils of various presidential candidates.

night photo of fire dancing
Niki Kroha

Niko decided to try Street Photography again, and shot this long-exposure of a person dancing with fire.

photo of  a person on a pier
Rami Taryaki-Dunham

Rami’s already returned to New York for his final year at Parsons. He decided to shoot some more Street images. Well, returned to New York, but then headed down to Rio for the Olympics! 😀

photo of 2 young girls eating lunch
Rannah Jahedi, Street Photo #2
ink on paper drawing
Shaakira Raasikh, Automatic Drawing #2

Happy Travels

Thank you again for spending part of your summer with us. Have a wonderful rest of summer, a great fall, and a great life!

Glenn's Signature on Page 98 of Self Service magazine, Issue #44, Spring / Summer 2016

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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