Summer Wk 11: From Art Care Packages to Fiber Art Wall Hangings

Summer Wk 11: From Art Care Packages to Fiber Art Wall Hangings

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photo of a collage of visual art elements and cultural ephemera
Art Care Package by Lisa Bernhauser

Week 11

Hi Guys!

Nice work on your Art Care Packages last week! This week we’re on to Fiber Art Wall Hangings.

Discussion Videos

This week we’re back on the history timeline as we look at the art of the 21st century!

We have another “Avatar Artist” this week, Vanessa Blaylock. While she shares the use of avatars as a medium with Joseph DeLappe, the “direction” her work points is different. I think DeLappe’s work often uses VR spaces to say things to RL audiences… by contrast, Blaylock’s work may be less for us out here in “meatspace” and more a sort of Public Art or Participatory Art for Avatars in VR spaces.

Your Art Care Packages

Nice work by everyone last week! Here are a few samples of what you created:

Photo of an Art Care Package featuring a variety of Dodger Ephemera
Carol Velazquez made a cool ACP for a friend in another city that she used to go to Dodger games with. But sadly, the ACP itself is not Carol’s big news of the week…
photo of Carol's knee in a large brace
… unfortunately the bigger news from last week is that Carol dislocated her knee! 🙁 Get well soon Carol! 🙂
lots of photography ephemera spread out around a large mailing envelope
Rami Taryaki-Dunham‘s Art Care Package for his older brother
an index photo with lots of food ingredients and overlaid numbers corresponding to an explanatory text
Adam Waldrop assembled a variety of cooking ingredients from Puebla, Mexico. (where his wife spent most of her life)
contents of an art care package featuring various cultural ephemera
Rannah and Deanna decided to send Art Care Packages to each other. This is the one Rannah sent to Deanna.
a box filled with various bits of ephemera including a hand-written letter
and here’s the Art Care Package Deanna sent to Rannah

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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