Antonella Redekosky

Major: Dance. About: I am Uruguayan and I love to dance. I also like potatoes and going clubbing. I enjoy drinking tea. I am pilates certified and have a healthy life style. I also do modeling as a side hobby. I am afraid of earthquakes and any other natural disasters. My zodiac sign is Gemini.

Makenna LaFortune

Major: Dance. About: I was born in Michigan but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love cats, dance, Disney, and food. I’m afraid of spiders. My zodiac sign is Cancer and my Myers Briggs is ISTP. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin. I enjoy designing lighting for dance. I wear a lot of Lulu Lemon. I like to think that I am funny.

Carlos Villicana

Major: Journalism with a minor in Film & Electronic Arts. About: I enjoy watching movies and writing. If I’m not watching something or writing notes then I’m probably reading. If you’re ever looking for a movie or a show to watch then feel free to ask, I love recommending stuff! Movies are basically the easiest way to get me to talk.

Shalane Holm

Major: Studio Art. About: I am an artist hoping to become an elementary school teacher. I am a manager at Nothing Bundt Cakes full time, in addition to doing full time school. I am also planning my wedding to my wonderful fiancé! Our wedding will be next June ❤️

Nick Lemmerman

Major: Film and Electronic Arts. About: I am a fun and easy going guy, though my voice may suggest otherwise; it’s deep and it’s hard to tell when it fluctuates, but don’t be alarmed–I am not entirely serious all the time.
I am a big movie buff, and I am a huge comic book fan (I know far too much movie and comic trivia). I am also a huge fan of stand-up comedy.
I like to sing while playing the guitar and ukulele.

Erika Perez

Major: Film & Electronic Arts. About: Overall friendly & constantly trying to find new music/concerts & movies. Recommendations are very much appreciated

Lizzy Stiller

Major: Film and Narrative. About: Hi guys I’m Lizzy! I’m very friendly and easy going and can’t wait to get to know everyone. I have a passion for music and creating videos but I’m also a huge fan of going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle.

Glenn Zucman

Major: Art. About: I’m looking forward to a great class! I’m eager to meet everyone and learn about your interests. I hope we’ll have lots of fun activities and meet interesting CSULB student artists!