Bailey McCann

Major: Marine Biology. About: it might be obvious from my major that I love the ocean and all the creatures in it too. I live one block from the beach so I spend a lot of time there. I have an appreciation for art (even though I’m not the best at it myself) and I love food/people/dogs/cats/fish/not spiders.

Emmi Hughes

Major: Communication Studies. About: I enjoy metaphysical experiences. I collect crystals/minerals. I also have a passion for motivational speaking.

Antonella Redekosky

Major: Dance. About: I am Uruguayan and I love to dance. I also like potatoes and going clubbing. I enjoy drinking tea. I am pilates certified and have a healthy life style. I also do modeling as a side hobby. I am afraid of earthquakes and any other natural disasters. My zodiac sign is Gemini.

Makenna LaFortune

Major: Dance. About: I was born in Michigan but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love cats, dance, Disney, and food. I’m afraid of spiders. My zodiac sign is Cancer and my Myers Briggs is ISTP. My Hogwarts house is Slytherin. I enjoy designing lighting for dance. I wear a lot of Lulu Lemon. I like to think that I am funny.

Downey Lee

Major: Psychology. About: I may be shy at first, but I am funny once you get to know me! I love to travel, drink and watch movies. Nice to meet you!

Sarah Obregon

Major: Applied Mathematics. About: I’m a third year at CSULB, I love going on hikes and I recently started running(not sure if I like it or not)! I have two jobs so when I’m not outdoors or at school I live at work.

Arvan Arguelles

Major: Biochemistry. About: I’m a drug dealer….. a legal one. Working at the pharmacy as a technician is pretty awesome so hit me up with those prescriptions bih. I love cars so my hands are usually greasy on the weekends. Other than that catch me at church on Fridays, and turning up at the library till 12 am all day erryday cause being a biochem major is no fun haha

Ana Gomez

Major: Psychology. About: Major: Psychology
About: Very outgoing person. I love makeup. I’m obsessed with Kendrick Lamar. I have a passion for soccer.

Ali Garawi

Major: Business. About: Business finance major, 20 years old, male, Live in Downey, CA. Commute to CSULB, love having fun, some hobbies I have are, swimming, surfing, snowboarding, waterspouts, cooking, reading, driving, and many more.

Vincent Santos

Major: Computer Engineering with a minor in Web development . About: Hello, I’m Vincent Santos.I’m kinda nerdy and like things like comics, superheroes, and anime.
Music: Basically anything, but enjoy discovering new and unheard of artist.

Emily Tomasello

Major: Fashion Merchandising. About: I cut up vintage tee shirts in my spare time and try to make them look nice enough to sell. I watch too much reality TV (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Big Brother…). And I have three cats. Yes, you read that right. Three cats.

Carlos Villicana

Major: Journalism with a minor in Film & Electronic Arts. About: I enjoy watching movies and writing. If I’m not watching something or writing notes then I’m probably reading. If you’re ever looking for a movie or a show to watch then feel free to ask, I love recommending stuff! Movies are basically the easiest way to get me to talk.

Shalane Holm

Major: Studio Art. About: I am an artist hoping to become an elementary school teacher. I am a manager at Nothing Bundt Cakes full time, in addition to doing full time school. I am also planning my wedding to my wonderful fiancé! Our wedding will be next June ❤️

Nick Lemmerman

Major: Film and Electronic Arts. About: I am a fun and easy going guy, though my voice may suggest otherwise; it’s deep and it’s hard to tell when it fluctuates, but don’t be alarmed–I am not entirely serious all the time.
I am a big movie buff, and I am a huge comic book fan (I know far too much movie and comic trivia). I am also a huge fan of stand-up comedy.
I like to sing while playing the guitar and ukulele.

Monica Lock

Major: Business. About: I am currently working with international students, so I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I enjoy jogging at the beach and playing with my dog.

Brian Sath

Major: Biology with an Option in Molecular Cell Biology & Physiology with a minor in Chemistry. About: I like cars. I want to be a Medical Doctor. I am apart of ASI, so let me know if you need something to get done. PS, I’m on the right

Hannah Adams

Major: Biology. About: I really enjoy drawing with pens and colored pencils. I have always had a passion for science, especially biology. I’m always fascinated by the world around me.

Brandon Hong

Major: Civil Engineering. About: I have a resting b* face so don’t be offended because I still want to be friends. JUST friends. Don’t you play any games with me because the only games I like are pokemon and pokemon. I also like fancy dinners and long walks in ikea.

Adriana Maciel

Major: Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology. About: Hi, my name is Adriana and this is my last semester at CSULB (finally)! I am majoring in Molecular Biology and Physiology and I am currently working as a Chemist at an industrial maintenance manufacturing company. I love to travel and hang out with my friends–even though I spend most of my time studying at the library.

Maritess Inieto

Major: Biology with an Option in Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology and a minor in Chemistry . About: To keep it short, I love dogs, sleeping, and eating 🙂

Lourdes Sandoval

Major: Criminal Justice . About: This is going to be second year of college, and I am excited for a fresh year. I love learning about the criminal justice system, and have volunteered in a program where I am able to work with the officers of my city.

Lydia Chang

Major: Recreational therapy. About: Oh, I don’t really do much _(:3TL)_ I just play games, watch anime, sleep, and draw (I buy way too many sketchbooks than I actually need) ;_; I use emojis a lot and follow aesthetic animal instagrams/twitter accounts o/ (I ALSO REALLY LIKE CUTE THINGS)
I’m actually super awkward and shy but I’m working on opening up to people so if I’m very unresponsive or awkward, I apologize in advance (it’s purely accidental :^) )

Selena Lara

Major: Healthcare Administration. About: I enjoy working with kids, I would say I’m an awesome nanny. I’m probably the most honest person you’ll ever meet. I’m sarcastic but caring. I collect nail polish for fun.

Belen Barragan

Major: Nutrition. About: I love trying new things and places to eat. I am always reading a new book. I look for any excuse to go to places I haven’t been before, whether close or far, and travel. 🙂

Erika Perez

Major: Film & Electronic Arts. About: Overall friendly & constantly trying to find new music/concerts & movies. Recommendations are very much appreciated

Lizzy Stiller

Major: Film and Narrative. About: Hi guys I’m Lizzy! I’m very friendly and easy going and can’t wait to get to know everyone. I have a passion for music and creating videos but I’m also a huge fan of going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle.

Henry Pham

Major: Aerospace Engineering. About: I also suffer from the horrible condition known as RBF. Google it. I swear I’m actually a nice guy 😀 Also I love metal music!

Samantha Gomez

Major: Kinesiology . About: Hello classmates! My name is Samantha, but I prefer Sam. I am very energetic and friendly, but to be quite honest with you it takes time for me to open up to you. Once I do however, I can’t be quiet. I really love food and am willing to try just about any dish.