Wk 4: Performance Art & New Media

Wk 4: Performance Art & New Media

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All points through Week 3 are now up on BeachBoard. The total points possible so far is 146. Here’s what you should have to be on pace for each grade level:

131 points = “A” pace – 103 peeps
116 points = “B” pace – 18 peeps
101 points = “C” pace – 3 peeps
86 points = “D” pace – 1 peep
85 & below = “F” pace – 6 peeps

Lots of you got full credit on everything. Some of you got more than full credit. And some got less. Ways some got less than full credit:

  1. Not posting activities.
  2. Too short, not analytic posts
  3. Poor post names

To remember the scoring criteria, visit Syllabus > Rubrics

Katherine Pismenny smiles and runs her fingers through her long brunette hair
Katherine Pismenny, newly on the Art110 Leaderboard, showing off her new brunette hair.

Top 10

  1. Veronica Meza – 220
  2. Jairo Ubeda – 213
  3. Marina Barnes – 210
  4. Sophia Guthrie – 208
  5. Amanda Bjornstad – 208
  6. Madison Vanden Berg – 207
  7. Hannah Drake – 206
  8. Katherine Pismenny – 202
  9. James Pauley – 202
  10. SteevieLee Nabors – 200
Zhen Su and James Pauley in the CSULB School of Art's Gatov Gallery
Zhen Su congratulates James Pauley for making it onto the Art110 leaderboard this week!

Artist Tags

Be sure to tag your artist posts!

SOA Galleries – Wk 4 – 8-12 Feb

Makaila Palmer & Rachel Gehrke, D & P – Gatov-West

Makaila Palmer & Rachel Gehrke’s paintings utilize colors from European currency to explore the idea of language and communication between diverse people and regions.

Victor Ortega & Andrea Albarran, D & P – Gatov-East

Victor Ortega & Andrea Albarran’s oil paintings focus on the theme of birth and the construction/deconstruction of the figure.

Daniel Rivera, Drawing & Painting – Merlino-Gallery

Daniel Rivera’s installation features hundreds of miniature paintings and references the breaking away from institutionalized and academic notions of painting and creation.

Haley Toyama, Drawing & Painting – Dutzi-Gallery

Haley Toyama’s group exhibit showcases southern California landscapes and urban cityscapes.

Juliet Johnson, Sculpture – Werby-Gallery

Juliet Johnson’s mixed media installation features sculpture and painting; these works deal with self-portraiture and the frame.

Performance Art & New Media

For this week’s activity you get to star in The Mina Show! Read all about it on our The Mina Show page

Marina Barnes at Target in a shopping cart full of plush animals
Marina Barnes, star of “The Mina Show!”

Glenn Zucman paddling a Fenn XT SurfSki in Newport Beach CA.
On Saturday I was in the “Hal Rosoff Classic” a 10 mile Surf Ski & Outrigger Canoe race in Newport. My time of 1:33:28 put me in 55th place out of 98 finishers. I was in no danger of winning anything, but any time I don’t finish last is kind of a personal victory.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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