Wk2: Painting!

Wk2: Painting!

Now that we’ve got websites to document our activities… let’s go painting!

Graffiti Writing

Our painting will have attributes of traditional working with paint, but it will be a bit different. This week we’re exploring Street Art in the form of Graffiti Writing. The Venice Beach Legal Art Walls are a great place to paint, to see other work, and to experience the diversity of Venice. If you can make it out there to paint, I’ll give you +30 EC. If you can’t no worries: full Activity credit for painting on a piece of plywood, cardboard, etc, in your backyard. You can paint anywhere that is legal. Be sure to use at least 2 colors. If you do it with 1 or more classmates, then it’s just 1 can of paint / person. Save gas money and have more fun by carpooling with peeps.

Full details on the Art110 Painting Page!


All points & EC for Week 1 are now live on BeachBoard. Be sure to check your points every week!

Pilar Elizabeth sits in a chair surrounded by cotton flag making materials in the CSULB School of Art (SOA) Dutzi Gallery on Tuesday 27 January 2015
Pilar Elizabeth, “Amending Project”. In addition to viewing her project, Pilar has invited us, if you’d like, to participate in helping make her large American flag. If you’re interested, she has 2 requests: 1. Wear Your Favorite Socks! 2. in addition to our normal “dutzi-gallery” tag on your posts, she’d appreciate it if you’d also add “amendingProject” (no quotations) to your posts. As part of the work she’s collecting visitor / participant feedback, whether written on site, or posted electronically later. So with the “amendingProject” tag, you’ll help her collect feedback from her week in the CSULB SOA Dutzi Gallery.

SOA Galleries, Wk 2

January 25th-January 29th
In the SOA Galleries this week:

composite glasswork by Maccabee Shelley
Maccabee Shelley, No Redemption Value

Maccabee Shelley, Ceramics, TAG: Gatov-West (show is in Gatov West & East)

Maccabee Shelley’s presentation, No Redemption Value, consists of glass and ceramic pieces.

Gianina Nunez, Drawing and Painting, TAG: Merlino-Gallery

Gianina Nunez’s exhibit will feature small still-life paintings and objects as she explores memories and influences within her life.

Pilar Elizabeth, Sculpture, TAG: Dutzi Gallery

Pilar Elizabeth constructs and stitches an American flag, exploring themes related to ‘Americanness’.

Rosana Anguiano, Drawing and Painting, TAG: Werby-Gallery

Rosana Anguiano’s group exhibition includes oil paintings and sketches of social interactions, personal relationships, and cultural conflicts within society.

composite glasswork by Maccabee SHelley
Maccabee Shelley, No Redemption Value

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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