Wk15: From Here 2 Eternity

Wk15: From Here 2 Eternity

Banner for Art110, Spring 2015

Procedure for Generating a Crush, Marina Barnes


All points through Week 14 are now up on BeachBoard. All of your email questions have been replied to.

Here’s our points breakdown:

  • Total points posted so far = 736

Points still to come:

  • Wk 15: 20+10 = 30
  • Final = 52
  • Attendance = 196

Total Possible = 1,014

900 = A
800 = B
700 = C
600 = D
599 & Below = F

Of the 736 posted so far, here’s what you should have to be on pace for each grade level:

662 points = “A” pace – 85 peeps (47 “super A’s”)
588 points = “B” pace – 15 peeps
514 points = “C” pace – 10 peeps
440 points = “D” pace – 5 peep
439 & below = “F” pace – 14 peeps

Low scores are mostly from not turning things in.

To maximize points on your work:

SOA Galleries – Wk 15 – May 3rd–May 7th

All 5 Galleries

Illustration & Animation, BFA Group Show

The BFA Illustration/Animation Group exhibition is an annual show comprising the works of all graduating BFA students.

Summer Art110

I hope you’ve enjoyed Art110 this semester – and if you have, feel free to let any interested friends know that I’ll be teaching a 100% online version of the class over summer:

The summer class is cool in that 100% online means you can take it from Long Beach, Las Vegas, New York, or Hong Kong. (all of which people have done in the past!)
The summer version is fairly similar to the F2F version. We do have weekly “Activities” but since we’re not necessarily in Long Beach or On Campus we don’t have gallery visits.

Playing w Flickr Interviews

Nice Website!

Janelle Reyes & Lizbeth Rangel at the School of Art, Art Gallery Complex, California State University Long Beach, College of the Arts
Janelle Reyes & Lizbeth Rangel

Top 10

  1. Veronica Meza – 868
  2. Marina Barnes – 868
  3. Priscilla Lopez – 808
  4. Christen Drake – 806
  5. Nallely Silva – 794
  6. Gibson Reedy – 792
  7. Summer Morgan – 789
  8. Rogelio Avina – 788
  9. Amanda Bjornstad – 788
  10. Monica Navarro – 786
  11. Khoa Do – 786
Photo of Sony Gore & Veronica Meza in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard
Sony Gore & Veronica Meza

Marina Barnes & Eujin Song sitting on a stone in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard. Both with smiles. Barnes wearing sunglasses.
Marina Barnes & Eujin Song


photo of Priscilla Lopez comparing her hand to a plaster casting of it
Priscilla Lopez


Summer Morgan & Christen Drake
Summer Morgan & Christen Drake


Madison Vanden Berg, Nallely Silva & Glenn Zucman
Madison Vanden Berg, Nallely Silva & Glenn Zucman


Gibson Reedy holding plaster castings of his hands
Gibson Reedy


portrait photo of Summer Morgan & Kelsey Lewis in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard, Long Beach, California
Summer Morgan & Kelsey Lewis


Rogelio Avina & Brandon Harmada
Rogelio Avina & Brandon Harmada


headshot of Amanda Bjornstad with a big smile and her head tilted to the right
Amanda Bjornstad by Sophie Guthrie


Aleks Kivuls & Monica Navarro in the CSULB School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard
Aleks Kivuls & Monica Navarro


Khoa Do  holding a plaster casting of his foot at the beach
Khoa Do

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