Wk 8: Kickstarter

Wk 8: Kickstarter

Artist OTW 8: Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

Activity 8: Kickstarter Pitch Video

See the Kickstarter Activity page for full details!

Discussion Questions

Kickstarter Activity
Share your Kickstarter pitch ideas with each other. Try to help think through the ideas in the project. Give each other suggestions on points to make in your pitch viceos.

20th Century
In the video I use Ellsworth Kelly’s work to introduce the concept of Figure & Ground. We say that a painting or photograph has figure and ground. I note that in many Kelly paintings, the painting itself is all figure, and it is the architectural context that is the ground. Then I talk about Marshall McLuhan’s slightly different thinking about figure and ground: that we are distracted by figure (like the automobile and sexy ipod docks & gps units) and we fail to see the ramifications of the ground (like massive interstate highway systems, poor mass transit, dependence on foreign oil) What are your thoughts about Figure & Ground? Can you think of an interesting example of figure & ground in art? Can you think of an interesting example of figure & ground in your life?

Marina Abramovic
Lady Gaga describes Marina Abramovic as limitless. She also says that we set our own limits. Who sets your limits? What are your limits? How do you know you are truly alive? At the end of your life, how will you know that you truly lived?

Art Talk 8: 20th Century

Art Talk #8 – The 20th Century from Glenn Zucman on Vimeo.

the band plays a prelude, and Utopia in Four Movements starts at 2:55

Discussion Groups

Our latest new plan for even easier Discussion Groups is to skip the Doodle. From past Doodles we’ve picked the 4 most popular time slots and Heather, Jenn, Ricki & Shamir have generously agreed to host them. So here are your first 4 choices:

  • Tuesday 9p with Heather / hmichellebencivengo at yahoo dot com
  • Wednesday 9p with Jenn / Jsolis91 at aol dot com
  • Thursday 6p with Ricki / cline dot ricki at gmail dot com
  • Saturday 2p with Shamir / shamir dot mohideen at gmail dot com

Based on past Doodles, the majority of the class should be able to make one of those. You can email Heather, Jenn, Ricki or Shamir to let them know to expect you. About 5 minutes before the discussion hour, they will leave the URL to the Google Video Hangout as a comment on THIS post. So you can just come here, click the link, and join the Hangout.

Most of you should be able to make 1 of these 4 time slots. But what if you can’t? Then take a look at our Doodle from Week 7, pick another time slot that works for a bunch of classmates, and email me: I’ll add you as a host and let others come to your time slot.

LMK if you have any questions or problems with this. I’m hoping it will be an even easier and more flexible way to organize our hangouts.

Marina Abramovic & Ulay

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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