Wk6: Drawing

Wk6: Drawing

ScreenCao from FrenchGirlsApp website showing a diptych of the original photo selfie and what the French Girls user drew in response.

Drawing Week

It’s drawing week in Art110! Full details on the Drawing Activity Page!


All points are now up to date on BeachBoard. We’ve had 290 points so far, and here’s the numbers you should have to be on track for an “A”, “B”, etc:

A – 261 points – 97 peeps
B – 232 points – 23 peeps
C – 203 points – 6 peeps
D – 174 points – 4 peeps
F – 173 points – 13 peeps

Top 10

  1. Diana Martinez – 384
  2. Marlyn Castillo – 375
  3. Evan Huang – 373
  4. Anna Joy Floresca – 371
  5. Connor Bailey – 355
  6. Nicole Ilagan – 352
  7. Mimi Ly – 335
  8. Rachel Price – 334
  9. Quynh Ong, Dominic Erich, Chris Soerachmat & Allison Wendell – 331

Wk 6 – Sep 28 – Oct 2

  • Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin, Sculpture – WPcom Tag: francoulloamartin
  • Emily Gross, Drawing and Painting – WPcom Tag: gross
  • Rosa Vazquez, Photography – WPcom Tag: vazquez
  • Brian Davis, Ceramics – WPcom Tag: davis

Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin display provocative large-scale creatures stylistically informed by various mythological beasts. Emily Gross’s exhibition will feature paintings completed “en plein air” (“outdoors”) while traveling along the West Coast and through Australia during the summer of 2014. Rosa Vazquez displays a documentary-based archive of photography, text, and video representing United States deportees from recent years. Brian Davis explores formalistic qualities related to color, form, and space in an exhibition based on the different stages of his life.

Counterfactual Identity

Lots of amazing work last week! Here’s a small sampling of some of your activities:

Antonio Lavermon
Jerome Guzman
Brandon Middleton
Aubrey Reyes
Alberto Macias
Shannon Choi
Kevin Cordova
Yu Tung Lin
Yiwen Lu
Yesenia Chavez

Photos coming on Wednesday!!

One comment

  1. Anna Joy

    I was looking for Emily Gross online and got nothing, but I remembered I have a copy of the cards she had at the galleries and her full name on the back is Emily Babbette.

    So I was just wondering, do I use gross or babbette or just both for the tags?

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