Student Profile: Katrina Preiss, Cultural Anthropology, Pitch #20

CULT: Student Profile: Katrina Preiss, Cultural Anthropology

Proposed Deadline (Month/Day/Year)


Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC)

During the “Organic Learning Garden” photo shoot this week I met a number of interesting SMC students. One of them was Katrina Preiss, a cultural anthropology major. She earned a 2017 associates degree in Pastry from the International Culinary Center in San Jose, Calif. Her “10-year-plan” for her cultural anthropology studies at SMC is to travel the world to study international bread making cultures. Among other things, Preiss wants to know, “how cultures make their bread when they don’t have access to wheat? Or to rice?” Preiss said, “Every culture has a carb.” The culmination of her travel-filled 10-year-plan is to come home and open her own international bread bakery. Perhaps there is a Preiss photo story? Go a bit deeper on her SMC program and her upcoming international travel. It would be great to meetup at a kitchen somewhere (on campus, or where she might work, or at her place) and do a photo story of her making Bread or Pastry or something.

Background Research (Doc & Links) & Possible Roadblocks

Research will mostly be interviewing Preiss. I don’t have her contact info, but can probably find her by returning to the Organic Learning Garden 11:15 – 12:30 on a Tuesday.

Who Intend to Interview&Story Location(Where you Need to Go)

Preiss. Organic Learning Garden. A kitchen (on campus, or her work, or her home)

Photo/Multimedia ideas for the article

Making bread or pastry vis-a-vis working in the Organic Learning Garden vis-a-vis taking academic classes.

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