Student Choreographers video conversation, pitch #31


CULT: SMC Student Choreographers

Proposed Deadline


Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC)

Corsair Conversations #3

4 SMC Student choreographers, Julisa Figueroa, Jade James, Aya Nakaguchi, and Erik Fine have been working this semester to develop new works for the upcoming Synapse Dance Theater on SMC’s Broad Stage at the end of May.

As we approach "Tech Week" ("tech" as in "technical rehearsal") at the Broad Stage where they will be spacing and lighting their new works, this seems like a good time to bring the four student choreographers together for a video conversation about their process and experiences this semester.

Background Research (Doc & Links) & Possible Roadblocks

  • I have been photographing and talking with some of the choreographers as this semester has gone by.

Who Intend to Interview & Story Location(Where you Need to Go)

  • Julisa Figueroa, Jade James, Aya Nakaguchi, and Erik Fine
  • The Broad Stage at the SMC Performing Arts Center

Photo/Multimedia ideas for the article

  • a video conversation with the 4 student choreographers
  • the still photography I’ve been doing of their process can be used as b-roll during the conversation

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