Profile: Tiffany Dong, SMC Dance & Chemistry major, Pitch #22


CULT: Profile: Tiffany Dong, SMC Dance & Chemistry major

Proposed Deadline


Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC)

This one is sort of a cross between the "Humans of SMC" series and the Synapse Dance series. I’m interested in doing a profile on one of the dancers in Erik Fine’s piece, Tiffany Dong. There are around 3 dozen dancers in the upcoming Synapse Dance Theater, and just about all of them are, not surprisingly, "Dance Majors". Less expectedly, Tiffany Dong is a "Dance & Chemistry Major". If you look at Dong’s Instagram and follow the link to her autobiographical sketch on, you can begin to guess why Dong has chosen this unusual pairing of majors. Dong has been dealing with the risk of pulmonary emboli (blood clots) in her lungs. The last couple of years of her life have been a balance between the perfection of ballet and time sitting in hospitals. After high school, she’d planned to head for the New York ballet stage, but her circumstances led her to UCI instead, and more recently, to SMC. Dong has chosen this pair of majors because she is still pursuing a dance career, but now also wants to be part of a cure for pulmonary emboli.

Background Research (Doc & Links) & Possible Roadblocks

Who Intend to Interview&Story Location(Where you Need to Go)

  • Tiffany Dong
  • Choreographers, Dance Faculty, Chemistry Faculty she may have worked with

Photo/Multimedia ideas for the article

  • Dance Rehearsals
  • Homelife
  • Medical exams
  • Chemistry lab at SMC

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