Preview of New Student Services Building, Pitch #24


NEWS: Preview of New Student Services Building

Proposed Deadline


Story Description & Significance(Why is it important to SMC)

When SMC students return in the fall they will be greeted by a large, new Student Services building on the corner of Pico Blvd. & 20th Street. The new Student Services building will bring together services currently in separate locations.

SMC students may be interested in a preview of what will be offered there and images of the construction as the new facility takes shape.

Background Research (Doc & Links) & Possible Roadblocks

Who Intend to Interview & Story Location(Where you Need to Go)

  • Construction site @ Pico & 20th
  • Interview Architect and various Student Services personnel

Photo/Multimedia ideas for the article

  • Show the state of the new building as it nears completion.

Published by Glenn Zucman

Artist & Arts Educator based in Los Angeles.