Cross Campus CoWorking Facility, Pitch #18

As students at SMC we have access to many resources: libraries, computer labs, printers, coffee, and of course, lots of "colleagues" (classmates) to bounce ideas off and share war stories with.

And then you graduate.

Now what? Now where do you go to work on your startup or produce projects for your clients? For many Millennials, the answer is a Coworking facility. One mile from SMC Main Campus is "Cross Campus" a coworking network with 5 LA locations including 929 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica.

The article could focus on Cross Campus, or explore coworking more generally and use CC as a local example.


You: Hi, Casey. Jackie said yes to writing the piece. We will meet on Tuesday, March 12 to discuss it and will update you after that. (and I’ll ask Jackie to submit a new pitch for the piece as you requested) A day ago

Casey Contreras Hi Glenn so what happened with this? A day ago

You: Jackie and I will be going over this project on Tuesday, March 12, and will update after we meet. 2 days ago

Casey Contreras Have her pitch the story as she writing it. So I can keep track of who is actually doing what. Thanks! 5 days ago

You: Hi, Casey, I just spoke to Jackie and she’s up for writing the piece. I can do the photography and help out with any info I can and setup a visit to Cross Campus. 5 days ago

Casey Contreras I like this idea Glenn. But I see you have a lot going. I don’t want to overwhelm you. Can you keep this idea on your back pocket? Once your assignements are more cleared up I would love a written piece on this more than a photo story. 6 days ago

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