Corsair Bio

Hello! I’m Glenn, a Nonfiction Photographer. In the 1970’s the average American saw about 500 advertisements in a day. Today it’s about 5,000. If "you are what you eat", then our relentless diet of so many fictional images must be poisoning our perception of reality. Fashion, Beauty, Foodstagrams, and more. All of these highly manufactured and highly curated images portray a reality that doesn’t exist.

I love Nonfiction Photography like Photojournalism, Social Documentary, and Street Photography because they bring us a little bit closer to life as it is actually lived. Manufactured images of manufactured lives can create feelings of isolation and depression. Nonfiction images, even if difficult, remind us that we are part of humankind and that we are not alone. It is my great privilege to be a Corsair staff photographer this semester. There are 30,000 stories on the SMC campus. We can’t tell them all in a single semester, but I’m committed to helping tell as many of them as possible.

Published by Glenn Zucman

Artist & Arts Educator based in Los Angeles.