Carl’s Jr. enters the sustainable century, Pitch #16

People of every age have been grossed out by a Carl’s Jr. "uber-carnivore" commercial at one time or another. This was a fast food chain that understood its demographic and catered to it.

Last month Carl’s Jr. made a big pivot toward a younger and more sustainability-oriented generation when it became Beyond Meat’s largest U.S. restaurant partner with the launch of the vegan-patty based "Beyond Famous Star" at 1100 restaurants.

Is it too meta/self-referential to have a Corsair staff trip to Carl’s to give it a try? It’d be great to go, give it a try, shoot photos, and share reactions.

If that’s too meta, we could recruit/survey SMC students, or interview regular Carl’s patrons near campus.

Background Research (Doc & Links) & Possible Roadblocks


Hazel Siff Thanks Glenn! And yes, looking forward to it. : ) 4 days ago

You: Hazel & I are planning to visit Carl’s Jr in Santa Monica on Tuesday 12 March ’19 5 days ago

You: Hi, Hazel, here’s my contact info: 415-203-5571 5 days ago

Casey added Hazel as a collaborator on Carl’s Jr. enters the sustainable century 6 days ago

Casey accepted your pitch to create Carl’s Jr. enters the sustainable century. 6 days ago

You: Hazel Siff said she’ll do it! 🙂 8 days ago

You: Thanks, Casey. I posted in the FB group! 🙂 8 days ago

Casey Contreras That’s a good mind set to have. I would say ask in the newsroom tuesday. Also maybe post on the facebook page and put it out there so people know. 8 days ago

You: Hi, Casey. I can write it if necessary. However, I’ve decided that I really want to collaborate with other staff members as much as possible. If I write & photograph, well, maybe the piece is mediocre, and maybe it’s great, but either way, it’s an isolated project. If I collaborate with other staffers it’s a small step toward a better and more interactive newsroom community. So, whenever possible, I think I’d like to collaborate.

Do you have any suggestions for a writer to work with on this? Or should I ask around the newsroom on Tuesday?

Thanks, Casey! Have a good weekend! 9 days ago

Casey Contreras I really do like this idea. Something to consider when writing this article is not you are not putting in your personal opinion. If you write this its important to interview all students. If you want to go in yourself and have something to get a better feel for the story totally go for it! I would say even try to interview the manger at Carl’s or try to maybe reach out to a spokes person. I also want you to feel comfortable with what you are doing. If you do not feel like jumping into the lake with writing for this find someone. I would really love this to have a written article. 9 days ago

You: Thanks, Casey! How would you suggest going about it? Can I go eat one myself? The focus isn’t really a “taste test”, but more of a look at how the population of the earth “eating like Americans” as in massive quantities of meat isn’t sustainable. Today, the land mass of the United States is 2.4 billion acres, and ONE QUARTER of that, 600 million acres, is given over to raising animals to slaughter. So my take on the Carl’s piece would be more from the sustainability / Millennial sensibility more than the taste test (which I’m guessing is pretty good)

I can write it if necessary, but I wouldn’t mind doing photo and working with a writer.

LMK your thoughts – TY! 10 days ago

Casey Contreras This is a fun idea. But you cannot interview the staff on this. It would editorializing. Are you going to be writing this piece or writing as well. let me know please. 10 days ago

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