Nonfiction Photography Videos – February 2019

Nonfiction Photography Videos – February 2019

I post a Nonfiction Photography video a day on our Nonfiction Photography group meetup page:

It turns out it’s a little easier to publish this monthly summary at the beginning of the month instead of at the end. So, here are the first few videos for February. As the month goes along, I’ll be adding the daily videos.

1 Feb
2 Feb
3 Feb
4 Feb
5 Feb
6 Feb
7 Feb
8 Feb
9 Feb
10 Feb
11 Feb
12 Feb
13 Feb
14 Feb
15 Feb
16 Feb
17 Feb
18 Feb
19 Feb
20 Feb
21 Feb
a grid of images of Esther Honig. Each retouched by an artist in a different country.
Journalist Esther Honig‘s “Before & After” project

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